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Ribs barbecued in a slow cooker are extremely deliciously with the tender texture and mouth melting flavor. Also, they are easy to cook and hence they are one of the best things to showcase when someone is invited for a meal at your house.

In order to get the best recipe cooked for the slow-cooker barbecue ribs, you need to be careful in selecting the right kind of ingredients for it. Some of the important ingredients that you should have are garlic, brown sugar, cayenne, and Worcestershire sauce.

The Method

The very first method is to mix all the ingredients together and bring it to a smooth mixture in a bowl. Now place the ribs on a grill oven tray and using a brush apply the mixture on the ribs properly. The ribs should cover up with the mixture properly. Leave this for some 5 to 10 minutes.

Now, it should be transferred to a slow-cooker where the ribs need to be cooked slowly for some time. In the slow cooker, the maximum of the work is done. It cooks the ribs properly so that it can become tender and mouth melting.

To offer it a barbecue effect, later on, when the cooking is done, the ribs are transferred in the grill oven again and some more of the mixture is poured on it and it is allowed to get grilled for 5 minutes.

This way the ribs are cooked in a barbecue style but they are also tender to eat and have a juicy flavor to experience. What else is needed when someone gets tender ribs with such flavored sauce and also with the experience of barbecue feel? This can be the perfect thing that one can serve for a meal or even for starters on a special occasion or even for a get-together.