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Why should I buy a LotusGrill®


  • The LotusGrill, with it's innovative fan system can be ready to cook in 3-4 minutes.
  • The LotusGrill's fan is powered by AA batteries (the original set of batteries are included in your purchase price), which means that you don't require gas to run your LotusGrill. The fan can be adjusted and this enables you to control and adjust the cooking temperature easily.
  • The LotusGrill is easy to dismantle and most parts can be cleaned in the dishwasher.
  • A LotusGrill can be carried easily, even when lit as the outer bowl doesn't get hot, and it weighs just 4kg. The 'bellows' airflow system means that because the charcoal burns very quickly, smoke is prevented.
  • LotusGrill comes in a range of colours, and each comes with its own carrying bag which is included in the purchase price.
  • There are also many accessories and spare parts should you need them. Finally, it comes with a one year warranty against manufacturing defects (with proof of purchase).


How do I assemble my LotusGrill®?

When you purchase your LotusGrill® it will be preassembled however please remove any protective packaging. Before your initial please insert the batteries provided into the compartment on the base of the LotusGrill®. When you attach the grill section to the main body of the LotusGrill®, make sure that the loops are lined up with the side clips. Please note that you can cause damage if you try to fasten the grill to anywhere other than through the loops.

Where can I buy the LotusGrill® Charcoal and Gel?

We recommend natural hardwood LotusGrill® charcoal which can be purchased online or from any LotusGrill® outlets. The better the quality of the charcoal the better the taste and the lower the amount of smoke will be produced. You will also need the gel to ignite your LotusGrill® and this can be purchased from our online shop of LotusGrill® stocklist.

When I light my LotusGrill® there is some smoke?

This might happen from time to time as it is the dust residue on the charcoal that is getting burnt off. It will only last for a few minutes and then there will be no smoke. Very fatty meat can cause the grill to smoke.

Can I top up the charcoal container while I am cooking?

You can top up the charcoal basket while you are cooking so long as you turn down the fan and remove the top of the mesh container using suitable implements. Once the top is removed add some charcoal pieces and then carefully reassemble, turn the fan up again and after three minutes the LotusGrill® will be ready to continue cooking at your optimum temperature. Refilling the charcoal pieces will lengthen the duration of the cooking time.

How long does the charcoal last and do I have to replenish the gel?

This will partly depend on the fan setting but one basket of charcoal will usually last for about an hour of cooking time. You can extend this by adding charcoal. You do not need to replenish the gel once the LotusGrill® is in operation.

How do I light my LotusGrill®?

Under the mesh container there is a lighting plate.  Squeeze gel around the plate (about half a cap full).  Turn the fan on and then light the gel. Once the gel is lit put the mesh container (filled with charcoal) back onto the plate.  It will take approximate 3 minutes before you can start to BBQ.  

How long do the mesh containers last?

These mesh containers are the part which hold the charcoal and so they are put under considerable amounts of high heat. The mesh containers should last a long time however should you need to replace it, as this is a spare part which can be purchased. Please note that the inner mesh container is considered a consumable part and therefore should it need replacing due to wear, this would not be covered by the one year warranty.

Can I purchase spare parts?

LotusGrill® offer many spare parts including the inner mesh container, replacement bowls and grills. There are also lots of interesting accessories available. You can buy these through our shop or at our showroom in Hong Kong.

How do I clean my LotusGrill®?

The grid and inner bowl are dishwasher proof.  The outer part can be easily hand-washed and there is no need to wash the mesh container.  The LotusGrill® cleaner can also be bought through our online shop.

What can I cook on my LotusGrill®?

This is a BBQ, which means you can cook anything that you would normally cook on a standard BBQ.  If you purchase the specially designed hood you would be able to roast a chicken on the LotusGrill®.