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Tip 1 - Youtube LotusGrill grilling and recipe tips for you and the LotusGrill

Watch live shows of what to grill on your LotusGrill and some tips on using LotusGrill accessories.

Tip 2 - Super cleaning aids for your LotusGrill 

The LotusGrill is particularly easy to clean inside and out. Simply wipe the powder-coated steel outer bowl with a moist or dry cloth. The grill grate and the inner bowl - both made of high-quality stainless steel - can be put in the dishwasher. The charcoal container and the burning plate should first be left to cool down properly and then simply be tapped clean. 

For easy cleaning use our soap pads with natural soap-8 in a box and/or the LotusGrill BBQ 750ml cleaner

Soap Pads with natural soapBBQ CLEANER | Lotus Grill BBQ Cleaner | Coba Grills

Tip 3 - Aluminium and clear top foil BBQ bags

Perfect for your BBQ or oven - clean grilling of veggies and fish - simply season and place in a bag.  

Lotus Grill Bag | 8 BBQ Bag | Lotus Grill | Weber Grills

 Tip 4 - Cast Iron Grill Grid for clean eating for the regular LotusGrill

Healthy, less smoke, non-stick and easy to clean!

Cast Iron Grill Grid - suitable for regular Lotus Grill | Coba Grills

Tip 5 - LotusGrill Lighting gel - 200ml bottle

We recommend that you always light your barbeque grill with the LotusGrill lighting gel made from ethanol. Other lighters are not suitable for this grill and  this lighting gel prevents sooting when lighting.   

When lighting the grill, set the highest ventilation level. This allows the charcoal to glow through particularly quickly. The large amounts of smoke that usually occurs when lighting other charcoal grills is prevented with the LotusGrill. This is because the active ventilation ensures complete combustion and adequate heat from the very beginning.


Tip 6 - How to reload your Charcoal container

Even during the barbecue, you can easily reload the charcoal if necessary. For your safety, you should use suitable gloves for this purpose to avoid burns. Loosen the fastening and lift off the grill grate by grabbing it by the upper ring. If there is no food on the grate, you can simply turn it over and place it on the ring. If there is food on the grate, place the grate on a large enough plate or other surface that is easy to clean. The grate has four small feet so that it does not rest directly where it is placed, but stands about 1 cm above it. This allows grease or other liquid to drip off easily onto the surface it is standing on. With the heat-resistant LotusGrill grill tongs, you then open the charcoal container and refill with the required amount of charcoal. 


Tip 7 - The Smokeless LotusGrill Charcoal


A Weber 57cm BBQ uses approximately 2kg charcoal/Bricketts for 1 BBQing.  The LotusGrill 1kg box has up to 6 fillings.  1 filling bbqs for around 45 minutes and that is good enough for 1 BBQ - big difference!

In order to always achieve the best possible grilling result, you should always use the original LotusGrill beech wood charcoal. The burning value of this very dry charcoal is particularly high, and the size and grain of the charcoal pieces is also optimally adapted to the charcoal container. So you can count on a long burning time: depending on the ventilation level, one load of our beech charcoal lasts anywhere from 50 to 90 minutes. By comparison, less high-quality charcoal poducts sometimes burn out after just half an hour. 

If you do end up using a different kind of charcoal, be sure to chop up very large pieces before loading so that the container is filled with charcoal with as few gaps as possible. We do not recommend using charcoal briquettes or charcoal with an integrated accelerant.


Tip 8 - The compact stainless steel Travel Hood

The perfect solution if you love a BBQ on the go!  Our compact stainless steel travel hood is the perfect fit for the LotusGrill regular and mini and well worth taking on your trip.  This unique travel hood is space-saving and very convenient to carry.  Just remove the integrated thermometer and it can easily be stored beneath the inner bowl of your regular grill. It fits perfectly into your regular grill and doesn´t need to be carried separately.