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Lotus Grill:

The Lotus Grill is compact, lightweight, and extremely speedy, the Lotus Grill will change your BBQ experience. From lighting to cooking, this grill takes about 4 minutes to heat, and cooks for about 40-45 minutes on just one basketful of charcoal.

The portable BBQ that can be carried in a specially designed carry bag:

  • Arrives at the cooking temperature in a fraction of the time of a conventional barbecue, due to the battery powered fan in the base


    which directs air at the coals, speeding up heating time, and allowing you to control the cooking temperature

  • Low smoke BBQ, means cooking in confined spaces is much easier

  • Perfect for cooking on balconies, decks or yachts, because of low smoke, lightweight construction, and is easy to touch as the outer body doesn´t get very hot

  • Excellent safety features, such as the locking grill, which keeps the charcoal bucket in place, ensuring that no hot coals can fall out, even if the grill is overturned. Perfectly safe to use on a yacht or boat


    • Fire gel: Any fire gel can be used to light the Lotus Grill. However, do not use highly fluid fire lighter.

    • Charcoal: The Lotus Grill should use the recommended Lotus Grill beech wood charcoal, rather than briquettes or cheaper charcoal, which will cause smoke.

    • Batteries: the fan requires 4 AA batteries to operate, which are included.



Hoefats Gravity candle
  • Lantern with a special (cardanically) pivoted candle
  • Candle always remaing perpendicular due to gravity
  • comfortable lighting
  • safe and secure extinguising of the flame
Product weight  :  1kg

Hoefats Cone  
  • Immediate direct heat regulation
  • 100% stainless steel
  • Power coated, heat-resistant
  • 46cm cooking grate, 50cm second level cooking grate

Production dimensions :  60x60x105cm
Product weight :  17kg
Hoefats Cube and Fire basket
  • 3 in one, firebasket, grill and stool
  • 100% stainless steel
  • Power-coated
  • Maximum heat-resistant

Product dimensions :  43x46x44cm
Product weight  :  15kg

Johnny Catch


Steak champ:

Plain and simple – success guaranteed for the perfect steak

Whether grill, pan or oven/broiler. Cooking the perfect steak has never been easier: medium rare, medium or medium well – the new SteakChamp 3-color now combines the three main degrees of doneness in one unique electronic LED probe.

Simply activate the SteakChamp and insert it sideways into the steak until only the display wing protrudes from the meat

Advantages of SteakChamp compared to normal thermometers

Can be used on grills even at high temperatures (briefly up to 900°F/500°C).

Integral temperature measurement, i.e. the temperature of the core area is determined over the entire metal probe.

The ideal resting phase is electronically determined after cooking.

The ultimate steak thermometer “Made in Germany” is made of high quality stainless steel and can be used approx. 1,000-2,000 times when handled properly.

Flashing signals legend

A 3-color LED flashing signal indicates which degree of doneness your steak has reached.

Active signal (about every 8 sec.): After activating the SteakChamp flashes green briefly every 8 seconds. This green active signal is replaced by the fast green double flashing signal. If you continue cooking, the active signal is yellow. After the yellow double flashing signal the active signal changes to red.

The pre-programmed core area temperatures of the SteakChamp can be used for beef, game or salmon steaks, for breast of duck or whole (large) fish.

Automatic SWITCH-OFF

Grill Pan:

The Aluminum hand-poured BBQ grill pan is fireproof sealed and thus prevents the sticking of grill food. Operated through the slots in the bottom and, for example, over a wood embers or gas grill, the grilled food gets a typical barbecue taste. If you put the lid on, the pan becomes the most compact closed grill in the world.