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Grill pan fish

Nothing can be as healthy as consuming grill pan fish. It is not just healthy but also delicious and also is known to consume much lesser time in preparing. Just following a few of the simple steps can get this dish prepared with just a few of the ingredients required.

Getting the fish ready

Grilled fish tastes great when fresh fish is used for the process. You can either ask the vendor to cut out the fillets or if you are skilled in it, you can also cut the fillets as per your choice. Wash the fillets properly under running water in order to clean up the blood stains and other dirt.


After cleaning is done, it is time to prepare the fishes to put on to the grill pan. Dry the fillets well with a paper towel and then put cooking oil or butter on both sides of the fillets with the help of a brush. Now season the fillets with salt, pepper, minced garlic, curry powder, or other spices and herbs such as rosemary, dill, thyme, and others. After this, it is the time to put it on the grill pan.

The Grilling

Now heat the Coba grill pan on medium heat for a few minutes. When you feel it is hot enough, put the fillets on it. After a few minutes, using the spatula try to take out the fillets. If it comes out easily, you need to put the fillets upside down, if it still sticks, you need to leave it for some more time.

While you are turning the fillers upside down on the grill pan using the spatula, make sure that you do it very carefully because the fillets start breaking when they are done. It should take just about a minute for very thinly cut fillers on the grill pan to get cooked, while the thicker ones should take about 7-8 minutes time.