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Pasta with fresh truffle recipe using Maze Grill

Who doesn’t love a pasta with fresh truffles and parmesan cheese using Maze grill?

I certainly do and as I was sitting at my computer, I was having wonderful memories of a trip to Italy and my indulgence in truffles  (and not forgetting good wine).

These pleasant thoughts brought me to the idea of inviting a few friends for a pasta evening with truffles and good wine – doesn’t this sound a great way to start the weekend?  To add to this I decided to use my fool proof recipe from Maze Grill. 

As I wanted it to be a Maze Grill experience I had to source fresh truffles, after a research in the internet I was lucky to find such a source.  So off I go to buy the ingredients to make my Maze Grill Truffle (they have to get some credit).  However a little information on the white truffle :

The flesh is pale cream or brown with white marbling. Italian white truffles are very highly esteemed and are the most valuable on the market. It comes from the Langhe and Monferrato areas of the Piemonte region in northern Italy and, most famously, in the countryside around the cities of Alba and Asti; in Italy it can also be found in Molise and in the hills around San Miniato, in Tuscany.    

What your will need : Serves 4

Ingredients :

Vegetable stock :
3 celery sticks
2 onions, chopped into small pieces
2 carrots, chopped into small pieces
2 leeks, cleaned and chopped
4 cloves garlic
2 sprigs thyme
1 bay leaf
A few peppercorns
300ml white wine  


    Put all ingredients for the stock into a pan, add water and cover with a lid
    Bring to the boil
    Lower the heat and simmer gently for 30-45 minutes
    Remove from the heat and allow to cool
    Pass through a fine strainer      

Truffle emulsion:

200ml vegetable stock
200g unsalted butter
100g Parmesan
Pinch Kalahari salt
25ml truffle oil
10g fresh truffle (you need extra for grating over your pasta and remember more is better than less)


    Cut butter into small cubes and return to fridge
    Put 200g of veg stock in a saucepan, bring to the boil
    Add butter gradually, beating briskly with a whisk
    As soon as the butter has melted take off the heat, and beat the mixture very well
    Add the truffle oil, parmesan and grated fresh truffle

Pasta – enough for 4 people - I would suggest one 500g for 4 people   

While you are making the truffle emulsion, cook the pasta as per the instructions on the packet – fresh pasta will take only a few minutes so you can then do this at the very end when everything is prepared.

To finish :

    Warm the emulsion – it must not be served cold
    Add pasta to the emulsion and ensure that all pieces of pasta are well covered
    Sprinkle with chopped chives
    Plate and shave with fresh truffles on top
    Add parmesan cheese if necessary

What a great evening with good friends, good wine and the perfect truffle recipe from Maze Grill and my friends thought Gordan Ramsey was hiding in the kitchen