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The best 4 ingredient Grilled Chicken Hong Kong

Yes, we all know of Jamie Oliver´s 5 ingredients – easy, quick and delicious!  Well I have simply the best 4 ingredient grilled chicken Hong Kong.  You might be wondering why I add Hong Kong to the name of my grilled chicken - It is because I discovered this delicious recipe in Hong Kong and I felt that Hong Kong deserved some credit, not only the smokeless LotusGrill BBQ and not forgetting my cooking skills

The best 4 ingredient Grill Chicken Hong Kong –marinated in soy sauce, honey and garlic and then grilled on the LotusGrill BBQ to golden brown perfection! Easy, quick and delicious!


500gr boneless skinless chicken breasts

¾ cup soy sauce

¾ cup honey

¾ cup water

4 cloves garlic, smashed or chopped into small pieces

Cilantro/coriander and lime for serving


  1. Cut the chicken into chunks. 
  2. Mix the soy sauce, honey, water and garlic into a bowl.  Mix very well and set aside about 1/4 cup of the sauce for brushing the chicken later.
  3. Add the chicken chunks to the remaining mixture and coat the chicken well.  Seal or cover the mixture and refrigerate as long as you can – 4 hours minimum.
  4. When you are ready to BBQ, drain off the marinade and place the chicken pieces on skewers (that have been soaked in water, to prevent burning).

As the LotusGrill BBQ only needs 4 minutes to be ready for BBQ-ing, you can now ignite your BBQ and I really hope you have a LotusGrill pan as this will make your life so much easier and cleaner!  Place the pan on the LotusGrill BBQ grid and then evenly place your chicken skewers in the pan.  Cook for 3 minutes on one side and then turn over and marinate with the remaining sauce.  Continue doing this until the chicken is cooked through and is golden brown.

Serve with cilantro/coriander, lime and a dipping sauce.  I recommend the sweet chilli sauce you can buy in most supermarkets in Hong Kong.  Serve with a salad (look at my slaw salad that I made on the weekend with fresh salmon skewers), naan or savoury rice.  And voila you have the best 4 ingredient Grilled Chicken BBQ skewers!

TIPP:  I bought my meat from – great delivery and high quality chicken.  You can also receive a gift voucher if you refer a friend…so who wants to be a friend?