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Why should I buy a LOTUS BBQ Grill?

The Lotus BBQ Grill is a smokeless charcoal barbecue with a difference: it uses a battery-powered fan to speed up cooking. What’s more, the fan speed is variable, so you can literally turn a knob to control the heat levels.

It is ready to use in four to five minutes – and the results were very impressive. In addition, it’s safe to use on a table top.

Lotus Grill – Design and Features

This charcoal barbecue has a special feature – it is fan-assisted. The colourful outer shell hides four AA batteries that – on turning the knob at the front activates a fan at the centre of the grill.

Within the shell is a metal container for the charcoal. Air is pulled in by the fan and up through the charcoal in the middle.

The base stays cool, so the barbecue is safe to use on a yacht, junk, lawn, table top or on a balcony. In fact, the double-wall design means that even the coloured sides are cool to the touch.  It is safe for the whole family.

Lotus Grill – How easy is it to use?

The regular Lotus Grill weights around 4 kg and is easy to transport as it comes with a handy carry bag.

We loaded it with charcoal and underneath the charcoal basket we squirted in some lighting gel (not a lot). We then turned on the fan and lit the lightening gel, replaced the charcoal holder and low and behold the charcoal started to burn immediately and we could start barbequing in around 4 to 5 minutes.

The fan knob on the front controls the fan speed and is the temperature control for your BBQ.  The higher you turn it the quicker the charcoal will burn, lower the fan and the charcoal immediately reduces it burning speed.  A container of charcoal should burn for around 45 minutes.  The charcoal container is easy to replenish during cooking. 

 The Lotus BBQ Grill barbeques your food perfectly, from meat to fish, chicken and vegetables.  We used the Lotus BBQ bags for our fish and veggies and they were cooked to perfection without burning of creating an unnecessary mess.  Our steak and sausages had the right amount of charring with a distinct barbecue flavour.

The charcoal is smokeless and there are a couple of reasons for this.  The first reason is that the charcoal is very clean and made from beech wood. The second is that the grill grid, above the charcoal basket, has a solid circle area that protects the charcoal container.  Due to this the fat from the meat doesn´t drip into the charcoal which could cause a flare-up.  

However, Lotus Grill have a wonderful new accessory for the regular Lotus BBQ Grill and this is the Cast Iron Grill Grid!  This Grill Grid is placed on top of the grill grid and the meat is cooked on the Grill Grid. The fat drips off into slots and runs out into a bowl that has been placed next to the area provided.  Super invention. 

Should I buy the Lotus Grill?

Yes – It is the perfect BBQ for Hong Kong -easy to transport and easy to use. Due to the smokeless aspect of the charcoal you won´t have any complaints from your neighbours.  I tested ours on the 16 floor (on our balcony) and I am pleased to say it worked perfectly. It is a superb product for a good price.

The Lotus BBQ Grill is really a Simple Idea! Big Effect!


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