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BBQ Queen......

Who Needs a Man when you have a LOTUS GRILL BBQ?

Ladies, are you tired of waiting for your man to fire up the BBQ and we all know how long glowing coals can take..forever  ? Well, it's time to take matters into your own hands and become the BBQ queen you were always meant to be. Whether you're a grilling newbie or a seasoned pro, the LOTUS GRILL BBQ guide will have you flipping burgers and charring veggies like a BBQ queen.  The LOTUSGRILL BBQ comes in many cheerful, fun you can colour co-ordinate!


Get Your Grill On

First things first, you need to choose the right grill and don't settle for some wimpy little grill that can barely cook a hot dog. Go big or go home, ladies! Get yourself a grill that can handle all your BBQ dreams. Gas or charcoal? That's up to you, but remember, charcoal adds that extra smoky flavor that will make your guests go wild.  And this is where the smokeless LOTUS GRILL BBQ will make you wild.   

Master the Art of Fire

Now that you have your LOTUS GRILL BBQ, it's time to light it up. But wait, don't just throw those burgers on the flames and hope for the best. The LOTUS GRILL BBQ will take 4 minutes to get going, so there is no need to master the art of fire.  Start by adding your smokeless charcoal to the charcoal container, then squirt some LOTUSGRILL lighting gel onto the designated plate, switch on the air control (operated by batteries or USB stick) and ignite the gel. Once the gel is burning slightly, place the charcoal on the burning plate and turn up the air control.  The air control  controls the heat on your grill. This way, you can sear your steaks on high heat and cook your delicate veggies on low heat. It's all about control, ladies.  And the most wonderful thing is that you don´t need your hairdryer to create air in order for your BBQ to get going - the little air control button on your LOTUSGRILL does it all for are suddenly the BBQ Queen! It only takes 4 minutes!!

Marinate Like a Boss

Marinades are the secret weapon of every BBQ queen. Don't just settle for some store-bought marinade. Get creative and make your own. Mix up some soy sauce, garlic, honey, LOTUSGRILL BBQ sauce and a splash of bourbon for a mouthwatering marinade that will have your guests begging for the recipe. Remember, the longer you marinate, the better the flavor.

Grill Like a Pro

Now it's time to put your grilling skills to the test. Remember, patience is key. Don't flip those burgers too early or poke at your steaks. Let them sizzle and sear to perfection. And don't forget to keep an eye on those veggies. They can go from perfectly charred to burnt in a matter of seconds. You got this, BBQ queen!

And Ladies, take a look at the LOTUSGRILL  Accessories; Teppanyaki plate, Fondue Set, Pizza stone plate, a Paella plate and a temperature contol travel lid.  Now wouldn´t these items impress your friends... 


Sauce and Spice it up

No BBQ is complete without some finger-licking sauces and spices. Use the tangy Lotus BBQ sauce or spice it with our wonderful Kahalari Salts to take your grilled goodies to the next level. And don't be stingy with the sauce, ladies. Slather it on and let the flavours explode in your mouth.

Invite Your Squad

Finally, what's a BBQ without your squad? Invite your girlfriends over for a sizzling BBQ party and show off your grilling skills. Let them bask in your BBQ queen glory and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Who needs a man when you can grill like a boss?

So, ladies, it's time to grab that spatula, put on your BBQ apron, and unleash your inner BBQ queen. With this guide, you'll be grilling up a storm and leaving your guests in awe. Get ready to rule the grill and show the world that women can BBQ like nobody's business!


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