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What is an Australia Sausage Sizzle?

Do you know what an Australia sausage sizzle is?  If not, don´t despair as I didn´t know until a couple of years ago unitl I was introduced to this delicious way of eating a barbequed sausage.

When my friend and collaborator, Courtney from Aussie Meat, asked us at Coba Grills if we would sponsor 2 of our smokeless Lotus BBQ Grills for a golf charity event, WAGS.  I thought she wanted us to donate a Lotus BBQ Grill as a prize but no, they were for an Australian sausage sizzler!

So what is an Australia sausage sizzler?  This is something that can be done anyway or if in Australia on a Saturday, outside from the local hardware store or supermarket.  It is a tradition to go shopping and then have your sausage.  BUT it is not just a sausage – there is a lot more to it than that.  You will need the following:

Beef sausages

White sliced bread from your local supermarket

Fried Onions

Choice of sauces, bbq, tomato, honey-mustard etc.

You will also need your Lotus BBQ Grill and a non-slotted frying pan to fry your onions.

To get back to our charity event – we arrived with 3 Lotus BBQ Grills and plenty of bags of our smokeless Lotus Grill charcoal.  We were then informed that we had to barbecue 200 sausages and fry onions.  Our first hungry golfer was arriving in 30 minutes.  As the Lotus BBQ Grills only take 3 minutes to get working this was not going to be a problem – we were able to grill a few sausages and onions for the first hungry golfers when they arrived 30 minutes later – you couldn´t have done this if you had used a normal bbq.


You might be asking how do I serve this special Australia delight.  The sausages should be cooked so they are sizzling and golden and the onions should be fried until they soft and juicy.  Take your slice of white bread and fold it gently.  Then place your cooked sausage long ways into the bread slice first, then place a good amount of onions on top and a dressing of your choice.  You are now ready to tuck into your Australian sizzler – delicious isn´t it!

However, in 2018 a scandal happened in Australia.  A very well-known hardware store decided that the onions should be first on the bread and then the sausage – this was unthinkable for an Australian to place the onions first.  The Australian Prime Minister, at the time, even had to have a word about this change of culinary delight.  It was also a big discussion among my Australian friends in Hong Kong.  In order to defend themselves, the hardware store said that the onions tend to fall out of the bread ´´holder´´ if they are on top and this could be a safety problem outside their shop.  They felt the onions would me more secure if they were underneath the sausage.  For an Australian this was unthinkable and after trying my first sausage sizzler the traditional way, I believe the traditional way will stay my preferred way of eating a sausage sizzle.


The photos posted are of various sausage sizzler events that we have held in and around Hong Kong using the easy to transport, smokeless Lotus BBQ Grill.   Watch our posts for the next Australian sizzle in conjunction with Aussie Meat.


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