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On Friday 18th November, the Christina Noble Children’s Foundation had their sixth outing with the Wednesday Afternoon Golf Society (WAGS) Hong Kong – Official Page at Kau Sai Chau, Sai Kung. This event gets bigger each year and it has become Hong Kong’s largest amateur golf event and a unique occasion for all to network in a relaxed and scenic environment. Golfing for Good 2022. Once again Coba Grills using the Lotus BBQ Grill XXL and Aussie Meat where placed on the 9th hole catering for a typical Australian Sausage Sizzler.  You might be asking yourself what is a Sausage Sizzler.....well it is a barbecued sausage, served in a roll, with fried onions, mustard, Ketchup or in our case the spicy Coba Grills BBQ sauce.  The big question that Australians the fried onions go under the sausage or on top of the sausage - find a true Australian to get the answer!   

We used 2 XL Lotus Grills, supplier by the Jockey Club. The XL Lotus Grills were grilling for 5 hours non stop and only had to be refilled with smokeless charcoal once.

This support will be applied across a number of CNCF’s sustainable impact initiatives.CNCF is about driving positive impact and we are dedicated to delivering lasting change to vulnerable communities. This event is now an inspiring legacy that WAGS should be very proud of – WAGS is not just a golf society, their participation and fundraising continues to give true hope and support to underprivileged children and communities. Thank you to WAGS and all the wonderful sponsors that contribute to the event and make this impact possible.

A wonderful day it was and Coba Grills, Lotus Grills and Aussie Meat are proud to be part of this fun event.







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