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4 Persons

15 min Grilling time

Medium Difficulty


  • 4  lemons
  • 4 x approx. 200 g salmon fillets, including skin
  • Freshly ground black pepper
  • Salt
  • 2 tbsp. high-quality olive oil
  • 2 tbsp. good butter
  • 8 little bunches of tarragon
  • Freshly ground red peppercorns

Preparation using the LotusGrill and the LotusGrill Teppanyaki plate

Rinse the lemons thoroughly. Squeeze two and cut the others into thin slices. Rinse the salmon, if required, and dab dry with kitchen roll, season with black pepper and salt and sprinkle the fillets with the fresh lemon juice. Heat 1 tbsp. of olive oil and 1 tbsp. of butter together in a coated or cast-iron pan, then use a brush to spread them over the pan. Place the salmon in the sizzling hot pan and sear on both sides over a medium heat for a few minutes. Turning the tap down low, rinse the tarragon, then shake dry. Place the LotusGrill teppanyaki plate on the grill grid (smooth side up). To begin, heat it moderately and brush with a little fat. Lay out half of the lemon slices on the smooth side of the teppanyaki plate, divided into four portions. Place 1 sprig of tarragon on each set of slices, then lay the salmon fillets on top. Finally, cover the fillets with coarsely chopped tarragon and lemon, pour the remaining oil and butter over them and season with ground red peppercorns to taste. Cover with the LotusGrill grill hood or with aluminium foil and grill at a medium to high temperature until they are as brown as you like them. Don’t forget to turn the fillets a few times.

Tip: the LotusGrill teppanyaki plate is an especially low-fat way to barbecue. The fat is held back: it does not drip through the grid into the inner bowl as you grill the food. The food is cooked on the plate via contact heat alone, preserving the full flavour of sensitive foodstuffs such as fish and stopping them from falling apart. In accordance with Japanese barbecuing tradition, the smooth side of the plate is used. When you turn the food several times, it absorbs the spices and marinade especially well, giving the final dish an amazing aroma.


Grilling with the Lotus BBQ Grill Cast Iron Grill Grid ensures a low fat, healthy and clean conscious style of barbequing, excess fat and oil runs in the outer ridge of the cast iron grill grid and into a container that you have placed next to your Lotus BBQ Grill. Normally, when barbequing the fat has nowhere to go, it just swims around your food or falls into your charcoal causing fire and lots of unhealthy smoke. 

With the Lotus BBQ Grill Cast Iron Grill Grid, you can barbeque fatty foods such as, sausages, and other types of meats that tend to have a lot of fat and the fat will easily run off into the outer ridge and into a container. 

  • Even heat distribution across the entire cast cooking grate.
  • Healthy grilling as the fat escapes
  • No fat on charcoal, minimal smoke development - great grill pattern.
  • Thanks to the grease drains, the grill is easier to clean - thanks to the high-quality non-stick coating, easy to clean.
  • Compatible with LotusGrill accessories, such as grill hood and glass hood.
  • German design


Cook grilled vegetables, fish and other juice producing softer items, on the Lotus Grill, without making any mess.  These Lotus Grill bags help you to create a tasty vegetarian option or an accompaniment to the usual BBQ favourites!

Place your vegetables or prawns in these grill bags, with necessary spices, make at least 4 cuts in the outer covering, so that the steam can escape.  Place directly on your Lotus BBQ Grill, cook until ready – remove and carefully cut the covering and serve.  No frying, no direct heat contact, it is pure steaming food on the Lotus BBQ Grill – another healthy Lotus BBQ Grill event.






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