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The smokeless Lotus BBQ Grill and the compatible Teppenyaki plate

I just love the smokeless Lotus BBQ Grill and you might be asking yourself why. There are many reasons that are listed in a previous blog but the main reason is that it is easy, clean, smokeless and can be used anywhere.  Take a look at my photos and you will see how easy it is to use……

What makes a Lotus BBQ Grill even more exciting to use are the accessories that can be used with it – it is more than a standard BBQ.  Last night we decided to use our newly ordered teppenyaki plate and what fun and easy it was to use- Japan comes to Lotus BBQ Grill.

After preparation of the Chicken Skewers and prawns and preparing my Italian-style Salsa Verbe and the accompanying Tuscan tomato Salad we proceeded to drink a glass of ice cold wine and enjoy our summer evening.  As the Lotus BBQ Grill only takes 3 minutes to be functional there was no pressure to get the fire going – more time to enjoy your company of family and friends.

After a while the hunger started and we ignited the charcoal.  After 3 minutes or so, we placed the teppenyaki plate on the Lotus BBQ Grill Grid.  The teppenyaki plate is two-sided – a smooth side and a ridged side.  We opted for the smooth side to cook our prawns and chicken.  The teppenyaki plate comes in 2 sizes – regular and XL – both fit perfectly on the Lotus BBQ Grill.

The prawns took approximately a few minutes to cook – I would suggest you cook them with a little oil and spices or a delicious marinate so that they can be easily removed (once cooked) from the plate.  After coating our chicken skewers with the salsa verde sauce we place them on the teppenyaki plate.   This time we used the ridged side,  after approximately 10 minutes they were ready to eat.  The result was tender, barbecued, delicious chicken skewers served with a fresh Tuscan tomato salad – a taste of our Italian holiday.

Please take a look at for more information on the Lotus BBQ Grill and accessories.   




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