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The Perfect guide to the LOTUS BBQ GRILL


The LotusGrill is innovation, easy, fun, quirky and unique and is perfect for all apartments and homes in Hong Kong. LotusGrill Germany, have taken the humble portable BBQ (normally smokey) and turned it into something that is more of an essential lifestyle accessory that should be a part of your lifestyle.  LotusGrill possess well over forty years of BBQ experience which has resulted in an award winning design rivalled by none.

LotusGrill came about from the development of the internationally patented Lotus Grill in 2010. Operating independently from its parent company, Lotus now produces the most popular portable Barbecue grill as well as BBQ Accessories, worldwide. That is why we are the proud sellers of the LotusGrill in Hong Kong.


 The LotusGrill has picked up many awards for its cutting edge design and innovative technology. They are:

How It Works

If awards are anything to go by, it’s easy to see that The Lotus BBQ Grill is known for its revolutionary design and it’s this design that makes it one-of-a-kind. Lotus uses technology to create a BBQ that is ready in around four minutes, sounds incredible? Well that’s because it is!  No longer 45minutes to get the coals going – 4 minutes and you are ready to go….

  • The Grill uses a battery-operated fan that is built in to the unit to supply fresh air over the charcoal thus producing a smoke-free cooking experience.
  • With the air stoking the heat around the charcoal, the grill is ready to cook delicious food in just a few short minutes.
  • The temperature can actually be controlled by adjusting the battery operated fan to ensure you have the optimal temperature for whatever you’re throwing on the BBQ
  • The unique design means that greasy deposits from food will not touch the lit charcoal which means no excess smoke.
  • Safety is always a big feature when it comes to a BBQ and this is why Lotus included a double wall around the grill to ensure the frame and base doesn’t get too hot. This is a vital feature when dining with small children around.
  • When it comes to cleaning the Lotus Grill is easy to dismantled, quick to clean and can even be placed in a dish washer. 

The Lotus Grill Range

The beauty of the Lotus Grill isn’t just in the cooking technology but in the design. Lotus is available in a stunning range of vibrant colours, red, blue, green, yellow, purple, orange, black and stainless steel.  You are sure to find some variation of your favourite colour in this bright and colourful range.

The Lotus MiniGrill 

The regular Lotus Grill´s little brother! The LotusGrill G280 is especially well suited for travel and leisure, bringing that tasty charcoal grill flavour to the campsite, trails, and even on boats!  Especially compact and lightweight.  In 3 cheerful colours, red, blue and black.  Suitable for 2-3 persons  

The Original LotusGrill

With incredible features such as smokeless operation, perfect heat retention and available in a wide range of colours, it’s little wonder why the original Lotus Grill is so popular. This innovative, award-winning BBQ has revolutionised outdoor cooking. German-designed and engineered, the grill uses 90% less charcoal and is ready to cook food 3-4 minutes from lighting. Suitable for 6-7 persons.

The LotusGrill XL

The big brother of the regular LotusGrill.  It works exactly the same as the mini or regular LotusGrill, however, is suitable for 10-12 persons.  

The Lotus Grill XXL

This Lotus Grill XXL comes attached to a pair of wheels which makes it easy to move around and can stand grandly on any patio/balcony/garden.  The grill top is almost 58cm in diameter: a little under twice the measurements of the regular Lotus Grill. It has 2 charcoal containers and a matching grill hood (which is extra), which means you can bake bread or cook a chicken on the LotusGrill XXL.  We have cooked a chicken with our XXL and it took around 60 minutes using both charcoal containers (no refill needed).  Honestly, it was the best BBQ chicken that I have every had.  Please look under our Coba Kitchen blogs ( for more information on how to BBQ a chicken on the LotusGrill.  

The LotusGrill XXL can be cleaned exactly the same way as the other LotusGrills and is suitable for up to 20 persons.

Lotus Grill Accessories 

Once you have your LotusGrill, there are lots of additional Accessories that can be used to expand your barbequing ideas.

The Lotus Grill BBQ Teppanyaki Plate is an example of this ingenious thinking and it will transform a simple BBQ into a Japanese delight. Or a Pizza Stone that will turn your evening it an Italian experience. In addition to these 2, there is a Fondue/Hot Pot set, Paella Pan, Grill Pan and BBQ hoods. Also in the range of accessories are matching BBQ Tongs and Barbeque Basting Brushes all available in the signature Lotus colours.  You will need the LotusGrill Smokeless Charcoal and the LotusGrill Lighting Gel.  The smokeless charcoal is the cleanest charcoal that you can buy. 

Take the Lotus Grill Anywhere

Unsurprisingly, the lotus grill is loved by many because of its versatility, you can literally take it anywhere and produce fabulous BBQ’d food. Here are just a few of our suggestions for the perfect environment for creating the perfect BBQ setting.

Park or Beach

There are many parks and beaches in around Hong Kong, so when you throw in some delicious food and maybe even a few cheeky drinks, you are sure to create an epic BBQ experience that will make you the envy of your neighbours. Why not grab a few friends and create a ‘Party in The Park’ style event, all you need are some good meat, salads, a Lotus Grill, some friends, beer/wine and sunshine. 


Camping is the new Glamping, so up your Camping to Glamping and take along your mini LotusGrill with portable hood.  If you take a frying pan that fits the LotusGrill mini the LotusGrill will then double up as a stove, which makes it just perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner in the great outdoors.

Junk or Yacht

The LotusGrill is perfect for a Junk or Yacht.  Bring it along using the convenient travel bag and you can BBQ on your Junk or Yacht.  The LotusGrill and charcoal container are stable and there is no chance of the LotusGrill falling over or the charcoal falling out of the container. In addition to this, the LotusGrill doesn´t get very hot to touch, so there is little chance of someone burning themselves.   A perfect addition to your day out at sea.  

Home sweet Home!

As the saying goes, there is no place like home. What surrounding could compare to the layback sanctum of your garden, your city balcony or roof terrace -  With a Lotus Grill by your side there is nothing stopping you from hosting the perfect BBQ from the comfort of your home.





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