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The LotusGrill BBQ and the Martin Weber Grill Pan

Grill Pan are you saying?  Why do I need a Martin Weber Grill Pan, well let me explain why you should use a Martin Weber Grill Pan, with your LotusGrill BBQ. 

The Martin Weber BBQ Grill Pan, is 32cm round with a glass lid, for use on any LotusGrill BBQ, grill grate, Weber BBQ, grate, wood, charcoal or gas BBQ.  As we all know a good piece of steak, or succulent lamb chops and not forgetting a tender piece of chicken can stick to your BBQ grid. Therefore, tearing the meat and making it difficult to clean your grid for your next BBQ.  That is why Martin Weber developed their own grill pan to fit all BBQ´s and grills. 

The aluminium hand-poured BBQ pan is fireproof and prevents the sticking of grilled food. The slots in the pan, enable the food to be BBQ-ed to perfection and still having the barbeque taste.

The Martin Weber Grill Pan for a unique barbeque enjoyment.    

If I haven’t convinced you yet that a Martin Weber Grill Pan or the Classic GPF Grill Pan is the ideal gift for the BBQ King or Queen, then let me summarise the highlighted points:


*Easy to clean

*Hand-made in Germany

*Cast stress free and sealed at 400 degrees

*Heat is evenly distributed

*First place at the Fire and Food BBQ Award 2014, and 2 gold medals at the inventors fair in Nuremberg 2014

Click on LotusGrill accessories to purchase the Martin Weber Grill Pan or the Classic GPF Grill Pan. And one-size fits all LotusGrill BBQ.


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