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The Lotus BBQ Grill and the smokeless Lotus BBQ Grill charcoal

The Lotus BBQ Grill is an energy and time saving portable charcoal BBQ. Its unique design allows you to barbeque with minimal fuss and maximum flavour.

German Award winning design

The Lotus BBQ Grill is a stylish, award-winning design made from quality materials. The BBQ grill and inner shell are made of stainless steel, and the outer shell is made of powder-coated

This Kit includes:

  • Lotus BBQ Grill, Portable Charcoal BBQ.
  • Carry Bag.
  • 4 x AA Batteries,and/or a USB Cable, and Printed Instruction Manual.

You will also need:

  • Lotus BBQ Grill starter gel
  • The Lotus BBQ Grill smokeless charcoal or charcoal in small pieces.  NO bricketts. 

Optional Extras

  • Glass lid with thermometor- for extra heat retention
  • Pizza Grill stone- make your own pizza on the Lotus BBQ Grill (hood additional)
  • Hot Pot/Fondue Set- The Lotus BBQ Grill can be converted to a hot pot or fondue
  • Cast Iron Grill Grid – for clean and healthy grilling
  • Teppanyaki Plate – for easy ´frying´on your BBQ
  • The Lotus Grill frying pan with lid  

The Best Portable Charcoal BBQ

The Lotus BBQ Grill uses a maximum of just 250 grams of charcoal. A 1kg box has 6 portions. Given its energy-efficient design, this is enough for a BBQ-ing time of 45 minutes. Steaks, vegetable skewers, and sausages, can all be BBQ-ed in one session. The charcoal canister can also be topped up, so you can keep cooking for longer if needed. Once finished barbequing, the fan can be turned off and if any charcoal left, this will allow the charcoal to cool down.  You will find that the charcoal will disintegrate into ash which is easy to throw away.


Grilling in record time

The Lotus BBQ Grill portable charcoal BBQ uses a built-in fan to create a ‘bellow effect’ so you'll be grilling in under 5 minutes. The fan also allows for heat adjustment via its variable speed control dial. The fan is powered in two ways:

  • 4 x AA batteries (included) - for grilling anywhere, or
  • 2.5m long USB cable (also included) - save on batteries, use a portable power bank, or plug into any USB power port.

Compare this to any other charcoal barbeques which need at least 30-45 minutes before you can barbeque.

How to fire up your Lotus BBQGrill charcoal BBQ.

The outside of the BBQ stays cool to touch thanks to its double-layered construction. Additionally, the charcoal burns inside a closed mesh container so nothing can fall out. Even if you turn it upside down, or accidentally kick it over. This design also prevents fat and oil from dripping directly onto the coals, which reduces the amount of smoke generated.

A Portable Camping BBQ

The Lotus BBQ Grill weighs less than 4kg and comes with a handy carry bag. It's perfect for picnics, camping, and for smaller spaces like apartment balconies. 

The Lotus Grill can be packed away neatly after use, great for those who don't have room for a huge BBQ. As the Lotus BBQ Grill doesn´t get too hot, you can barbeque on your table and it becomes very social….no longer the longer bar

Lotus BBQ Grill makes barbecuing when camping quick, clean, and efficient.

Easy to Clean Charcoal BBQ

The components of the Lotus BBQ Grill can be quickly and easily dismantled for cleaning. The grill grid and inner bowl are also dishwasher safe. Compare that to your typical cockroach-infested outdoor gas or 'swap-and-go' LPG portable BBQ.

The Lotus BBQ Grill is a stylish, award-winning design made from quality materials. The BBQ grill and inner shell are made of stainless steel, and the outer shell is made of powder- coated steel.




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