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Summer Barbeque fun drinks

These fun drinks are guarantined for a good mood....even now:)

What is a Slushy - a slushy is a half frozen drink, normally loved by children but why not for adults?


Bright and uncomplicated - with this variety make your guests happy!

Tip - Instead of sparkling wine, use water or lemonade for a children´s birthday party

Number of glasses :  6

Different fruit juices, for example, orange, peach, pineapple, apple or whatever you would prefer

1 bottle sparking wine of your choice

6 icecream holders

6 wine glasses

Fill the 6 icecream holders with the fruit juice and freeze overnight. Just before you want to serve, fill the wine glasses (1/4 full) with the sparking wine and then place the popsicles in the glasses filled with sparking wine.  Serve them immediately.

Frosé - Wine Slushy for the summer barbeque

Fresh, delicious and looks fab!

Summer, sun, wine and your Lotus BBQ Grill - could it get better? Yes, it can with a cold Frosé or wine slushy as it can also be known.

Rose, white wine or sparkling wine - ice cold

Lots of crushed ice

Chopped fruit of your choice (finally chopped)

A piece of mint for decoration

6 fun glasses

Place lots of crushed ice in a glass, add the chopped fruit and then the wine. Serve with a straw and spoon.  This could also be a fun dessert.

Bellini Slushy

A take on the classic Belline with a twist.  Can be served as an Aperitif - Puree Peach with Champagne.  This unconvential take can be just as delicious.

2 Glasses

4-5 ripe peaches

400ml Prosecco or Champagne

Optional Raspberry Syrup

Crushed ice

Peal the peaches, puree and for a minimum of 3 hours in the fridge.  Approximately 10 minutes before serving mix the puree and crushed ice together.  Then add the Prosecco and serve with straws





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