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Roasted Marshmallows - Yummies

Who likes a roasted marshmallow?

This is a fun way to finish off your LotusGrill BBQ….and the children will especially enjoy this fun way of eating marshmallows.

You will need:

*a bag of marshmallows

*a bag of wooden sticks (medium to long in length)

*Packet of butter or chocolate biscuits

*You already prepare LotusGrill, however, if you are not fortunate enough to have a LotusGrill then use your Weber Grill or even an open fire will work.  

How to Reach ‘Mallow Perfection Every Time

First off, we must acknowledge that some people prefer their marshmallows a bit more on the burnt side.  

And we are not ones to judge. Whether you like your marshmallow more raw, medium-rare, or well-done, this guide will help you reach your roasting goals because we all know this is an integral part of a roasted marshmallow

1.     The roasting stick


You will need a medium to long wooden stick.  The ones that you can buy in the supermarkets.

TIPP: place them in water for a few hours, this will prevent them from burning.


2. The fire

Everyone loves a campfire with huge flames that makes for the perfectly ideal setting. However, a large flamed fire is a marshmallow’s worst enemy. So this means that your LotusGrill is just perfect for roasting a marshmallow as there are no huge flames.  

With huge flames, you’re guaranteed to have your ‘mallow go too quickly from raw to burnt to a crisp.  With the LotusGrill you will have constant heat that is just ideal.

When you roast over glowing coals, the interior of the marshmallow gets cooked along with the exterior. If you’re trying to roast over a flaming fire instead, the outside will burn before the inside gets a chance to cook.

3. Positioning

The next important aspect to roasting marshmallows is where you hold the marshmallow in relation to the fire.

Remove the steel grid and lid for the charcoal container. Position the marshmellows above the coals.  It takes a very quick time for the mellows to be ready and be careful that they don´t become to soft as they will fall into the charcoal and cause a small fire.  A little practice is need to master the art of roasting a marshmellow.

You can always keep the charcoal container until you get the hang of it.

4. Rotating

Only a beginner would place the stick in the steel grid or fire and just let it sit there.

A true pro knows to keep the marshmallow moving. Think a rotisserie chicken — rotating slowly smoothly, and constantly.

You’ll want to keep it turning like this for about 5 minutes. We know that seems like forever, but trust us — it’s worth it!

Patience is one of the biggest secrets to a perfect marshmallow. The minute you get impatient and try to rush the process, you can kiss your heavenly fluff of perfection goodbye.

5. If it catches fire

If you are not using a LotusGrill and you find your marshmallow catching on fire, don’t worry! Just pull it out of the fire and gently blow it out. 

This harmless marshmallow can turn into a dangerous weapon when on fire, so be careful where you’re swinging this fire bomb around.

6. Eating


Your marshmallow is now roasted to perfection.  Here are some options on how to eat your marshmallow:  

You can smoosh it between two butter biscuits and throw some chocolate on top.  This is known as a s ´mores.

You can sandwich the marshmallow between two chocolate chip cookies for a new version of an ice cream sandwich.

Or you can just eat pure and simple on its own.


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