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Pizza, pizza and more pizza with the Lotus BBQ Grill

Due to the new ´lockdown rules´ in Hong Kong we decided to make use of our Lotus BBQ Grill and the Pizza Stone and have our own homemade pizza a home.  This is very possible using your Lotus BBQ Grill and a Lotus BBQ Grill Pizza Stone. They come in 2 sizes, regular and XL.  We chose to make our own pizza dough – we thought if Jamie Oliver can do it so can we.  We downloaded Jamie´s recipe and he has a great You Tube video showing his friend, GennaroContaldo , on how to make the perfect Italian pizza!

If you decided to make your own pizza dough and it is something to do with friends or children as everyone can make their own pizza from scratch –you could even have a friendly competition for the best pizza.  You can either use the recipe given by GennaroContaldo or Jamie´s own pizza dough recipe.    Otherwise if you don´t feel like the effort, then you can always use a pre-bought pizza base.

So you have your pizza base that you have made to your liking.  Place it carefully on the pizza stone. Now is time to switch on your Lotus BBQ Grill and place the pizza stone on top of the grid – it will fit securely.  If you have a Lotus BBQ Grill lid then you should cover your pizza with the lid.  If you don´t have a lid then use any sauce pan lit that might fit over the pizza stone.  Having a lid will enable your pizza to cook evenly.  You need to watch very carefully as you don´t want the base of your pizza to burn.  Suggested cooking time is around 7 minutes.  As soon as you seen the cheese bubbling then your pizza should be ready.  Be very careful to not keep in on the pizza stone for longer than necessary as the base could over cook.

The end result was a delicious home made pizza and it was also lots of fun…..I would definitely do it again.




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