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LotusGrill regular accessories for babecuing


 LotusGrill regular Accessories for barbecuing 

A LotusGrill is not just a BBQ and it certainly isn´t boring - it has many other functions that can turn barbecuing into a fun, entertaining barbecue.   Below we are going to show you the other options to make your barbecue experience a fun event using your LotusGrill BBQ.


LotusGrill High Lid - A matching grill hood with transparent lid, converts your LotusGrill into the perfect oven. A built in thermometer, in the lid, allows the temperature to be easily adjusted, enabling roasting and baking at low or high temperatures. The grill hood is perfect for baking meat, fish and vegetables, keeping warm, and low temperature barbecuing. The grill hood has a safety glass lid as well as adjustable ventilation slots.


34cm Paella Pan – The paella pan can be used to make a Spanish paella or to fry fish, prawns or anything else that you wish to fry.


LotusGrill Hot Pot/Fondue Set - Fancy enjoying a Hot Pot or fondue with friends? The LotusGrill fondue insert is your guarantee for a fun and great-tasting experience! You can roast the meat on the grill plate while at the same time quickly cooking healthy vegetables, mushrooms, fish and other delicacies in the fondue bowl. The meat juices run down the curved grill plate into the stock for additional seasoning, giving the broth a particularly delicious flavour.


LotusGrill Pizza Stone - Time for a pizza again? The Pizza stone set makes the LotusGrill one of the most versatile BBQs on the market. Use it on its own or in conjunction with a LotusGrill Hood for excellent cooking results. Cook your pizza from basic ingredients anywhere; take it to the beach, camping, on holiday or even just in the back garden. Also great for cooking your morning fry-up on! Comes in 2 sizes regular and XL (Grill hood not included).


LotusGrill Teppanyaki Plate - For connoisseurs of Asian cuisine: The LotusGrill Teppanyaki plate. This plate can be used on either side, simply placed on the grill grid. Use with or without a grill hood. After use, the Teppanyaki plate is easy to clean thanks to its non-stick coating. Available as a set with a Teppanyaki plate for the barbecue with high-quality special-purpose alloy and a centring ring; fits the LotusGrill regular and XL.


LotusGrill Cast Iron Grid - The special LotusGrill cast rack not only leaves a great pattern on barbecued food, but also grills it in an especially gentle, healthy way, giving off less smoke. This grid distributes the heat evenly. Its high-quality non-stick coating makes the cast grill grid easy to clean after use. A suitable container should be placed beneath the drip channel to catch liquids.  


Are you now tempted – have fun and change the game for barbecuing with your LotusGrill BBQ. 

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