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Lotus BBQ Grill – The smoke-free charcoal BBQ - NEW! NEW! NEW!

We are now into day 17 of shut down on Mallorca with 11 days to go and counting.

However, during this time we have managed to clean the apartment more than 17 times, fix things that need to be fixed,  declutter and finally get round to those chores that one always moves to a rainy day indeed!

We have also used our smokeless LOTUS BBQ GRILL countless times on our smallish balcony, and we have finally got around to testing the LOTUS GRILL BBQ BAGS– yes LOTUSGRILL have produced an oven and BBQ bag just for you.  You might be asking yourself, how does that work?  As I said I have finally got around to using them and I think they are just GREAT!  So easy to use, cooks the food quickly and evenly and there is also no unnecessary mess! I have cooked peppers, zucchini, asparagus, prawns and salmon and one word describes the taste – DELICIOUS 

Take a look at the photo of the salmon and zucchini and mushrooms.

The bags are made out of heavy-duty aluminium and clear top foil. They can be used on the LOTUS BBQ GRILL or in an oven.  The advantages, yes there are more than one, are:

*Keeps the oven or BBQ clean

*Prevents food from falling through the grid of your grill

*ideal for marinating your meat

*Perfect for prawns or vegetables

*Doesn´t burn your food

You get 8 in a pack and it as simple as putting all ingredients in the bag, fold the open side twice, piece a couple of holes in the clear top sheet (to let steam escape).  Place your bag on the grid of your BBQ, and you are good to go.   

Order while stocks last and I promise you won´t be sorry – impress your family and friends with your LOTUS BBQ GRILL BAGS. 


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