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Lotus BBQ Grill on Board a yacht!

A sailing trip without a Lotus Grill on board is not the same. We tested it and it was great fun after a sunny sailing day.

Our trip started in Copenhagen, at the Tuborg harbour on a Dehler 38, a beautiful yacht with a lot of space. We started with great enthusiasm and a sunny day but had after a few hours there was no more wind!

Lotus grill hong kong

Our Trip led us over Gilleleje, a beautiful and busy fishing harbour. Because we did not carry our Teppanyaki Plate an accessory for the Lotus BBQ Grill (you can BBQ prawns deliciously using the Teppanyaki Plate)with us, we had to buy the local Prawns cooked, a Scandinavian delicacy, but it did not matter, they were just fresh and delicious!

A day later we crossed to Sweden with about 8 knots of wind which was very comfortable sailing. We ended in Torekov. A wonderful small Swedish harbour where the evening startedwith a beautiful sunset for a Paella on the Lotus BBQ Grill made on Deck.

A recipe for a Paella is easy and you can use any vegetables that you like. You just need the 32cm paella pan, paella rice, chicken, shrimps,sausage, vegetables of your choice and a broth to keep it cooking and not burning. Cooking time is around 30min on the Lotus Grill. So the perfect time spanmakes this fantastic meal after a perfect day of sailing.

Lotus grill hong kong

 Next day we left early to continue our trip on sea over the harbour of Höganäs to Helsingör. Helsinör a beautiful smaller city which offers a lot for example the Kronborg Castle, home of Shakespeare´s Hamlet and a state of the art Maritime Museum.

Next day off to Dragör, a beautiful small fishing village with many small houses from the last centuries. After that back to Copenhagen into the Tuborg Port.

Grilling on board with the Lotus BBQ Grill is absolutely fun, safe and makes you happy. It is a perfect BBQ for a yacht.


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