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Is the LotusGrill worth it??

Is the LotusGrill worth it?

It feels very solid and sturdy, particularly considering it has no legs, and is also very safe – the exterior stays completely cool, making it great for older kids and teens to use. It's also very easy to clean – both the grill and the inner bowl can go in the dishwasher.

Answer :  Most definitely YES!

Where is the LotusGrill made?

LotusGrill portable charcoal BBQ – specifications :

Power :  Use only high-quality lotusGrill lump charcoal, do not use bricketts.  There is an internal fan powered by 4 AA batteries or a 2.5m USB cable that is include in the newer models.

Country of origin :  The LotusGrill is designed in Germany and made in Vietnam

Warranty : 1 year

Can you use any charcoal in Lotus Grill?

What fuel does the LotusGrill use? We recommend natural hardwood smokeless charcoal which can be purchased from any LotusGrill® stockist in Hong Kong. The better the quality of the charcoal the better the taste and the lower the amount of smoke will be produced.


Does LotusGrill taste like BBQ?

Yes – if you want a charcoal barbecue that's fast and clever, look no further. The built-in fan makes it quick to light and easy to control. The results taste delicious – evenly cooked but with a good barbecue flavour. And it cooks a shockingly good steak!


How hot does LotusGrill get?

It doesn't get nearly as hot as a traditional gas or charcoal grill, topping out at about 450° F, but the tradeoff is that there's almost no smoke, no splattering of hot juices, and no open flame. The LotusGrill is designed for everything to stay contained, even if you flip it over. You can even replenish the charcoal while you are grilling, as well as, moving the LotusGrill around.  The outer area remains warm but not hot.



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