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We all love a BBQ, but there are times where you are bored with the same old style of BBQ....always a potato salad or your standard green salad, a piece of steak and maybe a good old sausage...well now is the time to think out of the box.

I was invited to friends, Steven and Anne, for a BBQ...and what a gourmet BBQ it was..definitely not your standard BBQ.  They had invited at least 12 people so he had to cater for a hungry bunch.

Fortunately, he has the XXL LotusGrill BBQ, so he has a large grilling area.  As it takes only 5 minutes to fire the LotusGrill, he was able to enjoy socializing with his guests.  As you would all know a normal BBQ (no names mentioned) can take up to 45 minutes of hard work before the meat is ready to BBQ but not the only takes 4/5 minutes

Our friend Steve, decided to bring a country theme into his BBQ and what a feast it was. Besides the XXL LOTUSGRILL BBQ, he had the following pieces of LOTUSGRILL accessoirs on hand :

*The two sided Teppanyaki Plate

*The Pizza Stone plate


*The LotusGrill BBQ bags




He first started with an Asian feel, using the Teppanyaki Plate and grilling delicious sweet, chilli prawns, with a touch of garlic and corriandar.  He also quickly grilled pieces of tuna steak, that we were able to dip into a fabulous sauce consisting of ginger, galic, chilli and soya.  The great thing about the Teppanyaki Plate is that it has 2 sides, a smooth and a ridged side - so you can choose which way to have your food cooked - great idea!

He then decided to BBQ a toastie....yes you might be asking what is a toastie and how can that be done on a BBQ...well a toastie is something that we include in a South Africa Braai...yes we call a BBQ a braai in South Africa.  You will need 2 slices of white bread, spread a little butter on both slices, and make a sandwich with whatever filling gets your fancy. Some ideas would be ham and cheese, curried chicken, spicy tuna to name a few.  Once the sandwich is ready you can once again use the teppanyaki plate and this time I would use the ridged side for a nice pattern.  Place the sandwich on the plate and let it cook (turning it) until golden brown and crispy and vola after a few minutes you have a toastie.  Cut into squares and serve to your guests for little nibbles in between the next coarse.

After this, yes can you believe it there was more...but we did start at lunch time and it was going to be a linger longer BBQ.

US of A here we come...Let´s not forget the good-old-hamburger, with home made patties, cheese, onion, lettuce and tomatoe. I don´t need to explain how this one is done, as we all have our own version of a hamburger on a BBQ.  However, what he added to this was his own LOTUSGRILL pizza, using the LOTUSGRILL Pizza Stone Plate.  He had bought the ready made pizza base and he had various toppings for the pizza base...he also had the LOTUSGRILL hood for the XXL and he used it to create an oven for the Pizza.  The Pizza took about 20 minutes to cook and it was crispy, with a juicy topping and absolutely delicious.



He also use the LOTUSGRILL bags for cooking the onions and mushrooms.  Just place the veggies in the bag, with spices if necessary, cut a few holes into the top of the bag (for the steam to get out) and after 5 minutes ready to serve.

Finally, for dessert he decided bring France into the BBQ - yes he made crepes using the smooth side of the Teppanyaki plate and the pizza stone.  He served them hot off the BBQ, with icecream and no he didn´t do this on the LOTUSGRILL, and fruit.

WOW, what a BBQ, a take away from your standard BBQ.

As I mentioned, Steve has an XXL LOTUSGRILL, however, he was using the XL Teppanyaki plate and the regular Pizza Stone - all sizes fit the XXL LOTUSGRILL.

The other very important fact, because you are able to control the fire of your LOTUSGRILL using the fan, Steve was able to barbeque, come and sit with his guests, eat and then get the BBQ glowing again for the next round.  He didn´t have to stand next his BBQ the whole day..he could also enjoy.

The LOTUSGRILL BBQ, comes in 4 sizes, small, regular, XL and XXL and it is the only smokeless BBQ on the market.       


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