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How do you like your Gin…… A BBQ lover´s review

Gin Mare to taste and enjoy…….

A testament to the vision of a locally inspired gin from Spain, Gin Mare, does indeed taste as though you are on the Mediterranean enjoying a sundowner.  It smells herbaceous, with resinous juniper and thyme dominating and a taste of olives are also apparent. 

A bit more history on this wonderful tasting gin….It´s origins are set in a once-small fishing port of Vilanova I la Geltru.  Gin Mare is pot distilled in an old chapel.  The local Arbequina olive is used, however, it is the citrus element of this outstanding gin that is extraordinary.

The peels of both bitter and sweet orange, as well as, locally produced lemons are soaked for a year in neutral spirit before distillation.  The other ´botanicals´ of basil, thyme, rosemary, juniper, coriander and green cardamom are all used to produce the final Gin Mare product.

How should one drink one´s gin?  That is completely up to you but my favourite way to enjoy a Gin Mare is as follows:

*The perfect gin glass – a must.  Do not discredit your gin by serving it in an everyday glass – it is an occasion to enjoy with the perfect glass

*Gin Mare

*A couple of sprigs of rosemary

* 5 or 6 Juniper Berries

*Fevertree tonic

*Ice blocks

*A slice of lime or lemon (optional)

Pour a tot of gin into your glass, add the rosemary sprigs and juniper berries and ice – stir gently to infuse the flavours.  Then add the desired amount of tonic water.

Now a little on tonic water.  Tonic water has become a bit of a hype but to be honest, there are tonic waters and there are tonic waters - remember the days when there was only one to choose from.  I am very thankful that Fevertree has come onto the market – as Fevertree is the perfect tonic water for a Gin Mara as it is a Mediterranean tonic water.  It is herby in taste and doesn’t have a bitter taste.

Now is the time to enjoy a Gin Mare cocktail while you wait to BBQ.



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