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Hot Pot with LotusGrill HK

It is becoming chilly and now is the perfect weather for a Hot-Pot or Fondue as we say in Europe.   That is exactly what we did this last weekend.  We decided to stay at home and use the LotusGrill BBQ indoors, yes indoors.  As the LotusGrill BBQ is a smokeless BBQ, providing you keep a window open, you can use the LotusGrill BBQ indoors.  So the LotusGrill BBQ has many functions and is not only a BBQ like all other BBQ´s.

Hotpot Side Dish Recipe } Cobagrill } Lotugrill BBQ

What you will need:

1 LotusGrill BBQ regular

1 LotusGrill Hot Pot Set

LotusGrill smokeless charcoal


Hot Pot spices.  I bought ours form Yaun Heng Spice Co in Sheung Wan

Pak Choi

Thin slices of good quality beef or a meat/fish of your choice 


Tofu – we used the firm Tofu

Brussel Sprouts, broccoli or any other vegetable of your choice


Bring to the boil with the spices and 2L of water.  If desired add 1Tsp of broth powder and soy sauce to create a stronger flavour. The Hot Pot spices are a must! Next light your LotusGrill BBQ and place the Hot Pot in the correct position. As soon as the broth mixture has boiled, pour it gently in the space provided by the Hot Pot.  The LotusGrill will continue to keep the broth mixture boiling.  You can now start to eat!  With the Hot Pot you have 2 options, either fry the meat on the frying area provided or let it cook slowly in the broth mixture.  You will have a delicious soup that you can enjoy in conjunction with the frying and cooked vegetables.  It was delicious and cosy – perfect for a cool winters evening.

The charcoal will allow you approximately 45 minutes of cooking time, which can be replenished. 


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