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Hong Kong, LotusGrill and Autumn???

Autumn is in the air which means that it’s time to get out those barbeque tongs and charcoal! And of course your soon-to-be indispensable BBQ companion the smokeless LotusGrill®.This nifty appliance is a compact and easy to use portable BBQ consisting of a stainless steel grill, catching bowl, and charcoal cylinder with a battery-operated fan which constantly supplies the charcoal with air, ensuring hot, ready-to-use coals within only five minutes.

It’s double layered construction means the LotusGrill® keeps heat in the inside of the bowl, ensuring it can be touched, moved or even carried around during use because the outer bowl never gets hot.

The LotusGrill®fan creates a bellows effect, forcing air over the charcoal which in turn creates rapid and high heat, essentially bypassing the smoking stage of the charcoal cooking process. At all times you will have total control over the temperature by adjusting its inbuilt fan.  Even in the absence of smoke, you still get that delicious charcoal flavour, as natural beechwood charcoal (not briquettes) emits these flavours through invisible safe gases. A major advantage is that you don’t ingest carcinogens and other harmful chemicals.

There are no naked flames or hot loose embers, and neither are you required to mass dump hot coals. This makes it a smart BBQ choice for the outdoors. The LotusGrill® is a very versatile cooking companion. At home , inside or outside, the beach, on boats, at picnics, or camping, you can have the perfect BBQ experience without all the fuss and mess dealing with gas bottles or bags of heavy charcoal. In fact the LotusGrill® uses only 10% of the coal of a traditional coal BBQ. So sit back, relax and let LotusGrill® do all the hard work.

After cooking you can be packed up and leaving within minutes. Simply, remove the parts and place on the ground to cool. If you don´t have time, pour water on the coals to extinguish them. Place them back in the unit, re-assemble the parts and you’re done!



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