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Homemade German Bratwurst

Bratwurst = Sausage


Don´t you just love a German Bratwurst, but how many times have you bought them in your local supermarket and they taste like sawdust?? Well, here is a recipe for you to make your own German Bratwurst and grill them on your Lotus BBQ Grill.  Not only do you know what is in your Bratwurst but you can control your fat and salt content. 

To make your own perfect sausages or bratwurst is an exciting challenge for the chef who wants to excel themselves.....give it a go, get the kids involved, it makes a few hours of fun with the best part...grilling and eating your perfect sausage.   


Equipment needed :

  • Standard mixer or meat grinder/stuffer
  • Casings for your sausage (can be bought online easily and are completely legit to buy)
  • Sausage Pricker
  • Sausage Suffer (you can get a combined grinder and stuffer)



  • Place your ground mince in your standard mixer bowl with a paddle attachment or this can be done manually by hand and then add all the dry ingredients.
  • Mix the meat mixture with the paddle for 3-4 minutes until threads begin to appear in the meat: If you take a clump of meat and pull it apart with your fingers you will see tiny threads pulling apart.  When you see this your meat is ready. 
    TIP.  If the meat mixture is too dry and stiff, add a little ice water.  You want a soft/smooth mixture that will easily go into the casings.
    *This is also the time to taste your sausage mixture so you can adjust the seasonings if needed.  To do this, take a bit of the meat mixture, fry it up in a pan, taste it and adjust the seasonings if needed.  Be careful not to over salt the mixture.  
    Place the meat mixture back in the refrigerator while you prepare the casings.
  • Thread your sausage stuffer with the prepared hog casings, fill the sausage stuffer with the meat mixture, and stuff the casings being careful to avoid air gaps while also being careful to not over-stuff the casings.
    Twist the sausages into links.  Use a sausage pricker to prick any air bubbles out of the links.
    For best results chill the sausages overnight.
  • You can either freeze the Bratwursts raw prior to grilling, if you don´t want to grill all. 
  • This yields roughly 10 bratwursts depending on the size and diameter.


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