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Glamping and the Lotus BBQ Grill

Glamping in Hong Kong with the perfect glamping “must have” – the Lotus BBQ Grill

You want to go camping but as you know the convenience of a restaurant or bar is not normally available in a remote camping site.  This means the next best option is to BBQ….but here the challenge starts, are there BBQ´s provided at the camp site?  Are the BBQ´s clean? How many are there?  You have your own BBQ at home but it isn´t easy to transport and as you know it can also generate a lot of smoke over a longer period of time before you can start to barbeque.  However, if you had a Lotus BBQ Grill, you would have the perfect solution for your camping or should I say glamping weekend.  Here some important facts why you need the smokeless Lotus BBQ Grill :



  • Weight : 3.7kg
  • Diameter top: 350mm
  • Diameter bottom: 260mm
  • Height: 234mm
  • Round design
  • Fan powered by 4 batteries
  • Outer bowl made of powder-coated steel
  • Suitable for up to 5-6 persons
  • Combustion time varies between 40-60 minutes, and the charcoal can be refilled any time
  • Ready to cook in under 5 minutes
  • Delivered with a colour-matched nylon carry bag, which makes it easy to transport
  • Is very stable so can be place anywhere and does not get hot 
  • The charcoal is placed in a secure container, which keeps it very safe and secure
  • Material: Steel and shock-resistant plastics Grid, inner bowl, charcoal container and latches: stainless steel



Lotus BBQ Grill – the original! Lotus BBQ Grill comes in many cheerful colours and turns barbecuing into a simple pleasure. Enjoy meat, fish or vegetables with that typical charcoal BBQ taste, but without spending ages firing up, and almost entirely without smoke. BBQ fun in minutes – clean, simple and safe. In four different sizes. Only with Lotus BBQ Grill! for more information


How can it be smokeless?


You are no doubt asking yourself “how can it be smokeless”?  The charcoal is placed into a metal, covered container that is protected from dripping fat from your meat.  This is what normally causes a BBQ to smoke.  The Lotus BBQ Grill also has a fan which controls the air that blows onto the charcoal and this is the main reason why it is easy to start and only takes 4 minutes before grilling begins.  We also use a very clean beech wood charcoal, specifically made for the Lotus BBQ grill.


The Lotus BBQ Grill beech BBQ charcoal boasts an extremely high carbon content and gross calorific value, meaning that it lights especially quickly and burns hotter and for longer than conventional charcoal. Lotus BBQ Grill beech BBQ charcoal is a 100% natural product, made using local power sources only in Europe’s most modern production facility.


Glamping getaways in the SAR?  Here are 5 camping spots in Hong Kong for you and your Lotus BBQ Grill



Despite Hong Kong’s urban focus, there are plenty of opportunities to be outdoorsy and athletic in our great city. Whether it’s swimming, hiking or cycling you fancy, we’ve got you covered with lists of all the best spots. But in case you fancy more than just a day in the great outdoors, we’ve put together this compilation of the best locations for a rugged weekend getaway and where to get your camping from, too.

  1. Tai Long Sai Wan

If you really want to escape the rat race the beach at Tai Long Sai Wan is one of the most idyllic spots in HK. Come during the week if you want to avoid the crowds. Apart from the breath-taking sea view, it’s also home to Sheung Luk Stream, the biggest in Hong Kong. If you walk a bit further north to Ham Tin Wan, you can rent tents, sleeping bags and surfboards.

How to get there: Take the MTR to Choi Hung station and jump on a green minibus (1A) to Sai Kung Town. Take another minibus (29R) from outside McDonald’s and alight at Sai Wan Pavilion. Follow the signposts and paths to Sai Wan for 40 minutes.

  1. Hok Tau

This picturesque site on the northern slope of Shek Au Shan places campers amidst lush trees, vibrant wildlife and a freshwater stream. Getting here is relatively straightforward and there are bathrooms with flush toilets as well as barbecue pits. Challenge yourself by hiking up one of the nearby trails such as Ping Fung Shan and Pat Sin Leng.

How to get there: Take a minibus (52B) from Fanling MTR Station and get off at Hok Tau Tsuen Terminus. Walk along Hok Tau Road towards Hok Tau Reservoir for around 15 minutes before reaching the campsite.


  1. Long Ke Wan Beach

Feel like you’re worlds away from the city as you set up camp and take in the crystal-clear water and fine sand at Long Ke Wan. The campsite here has barbecue pits aplenty, as well as benches, tables and a seasonal water source. Bring your own supplies though, just in case. This is as basic as it gets in Hong Kong.

How to get there: Take the MTR to Choi Hung station and grab a green minibus (1A) to Sai Kung Town. Take a taxi from there to the East Dam at High Island Reservoir, where it’s a 20 minute walk up to Long Ke Wan.

  1. Nam Shan Campsite

When it comes to size, Nam Shan Barbecue Area tops them all. The largest barbecue area in Lantau Country Park, Nam Shan’s vast lush grassland can accommodate up to 100 picnic goers at a time and is located in a valley and woodland, creating a natural, tranquil paradise for campers. To top it all off, take in the panoramic sights of Mui Wo and Pui O Bay.

How to get there: Take the MTR to Tung Chung station. Afterwards, take a bus (3M) at the bus terminus and alight at Nam Shan. Another option is simply to take any bus from Mui Wo. They all pass Nam Shan.

  1. Tap Mun

Also known as Grass Island, Tap Mun sits in the sea off Sai Kung Country Park and is best known for its beautiful, rolling hills complete with wandering cows. Though there’s no official campsite, campers can pitch a tent at the grassy areas atop the southern headland of Tap Mun, which provide breathtaking panoramic views of the island. Visit Tap Mun’s famous trio of temples and fuel up at the fisherman village’s main restaurants, Sun Hon Kee.

How to get there: Get on the 94 or 96R (weekends only) bus to Wong Shek Pier. The ferry runs every one or two hours throughout the week. The last ferry back from Tap Mun leaves at 6pm or 6.05pm each day. Ferries also run, less regularly, from Ma Liu Shui near University MTR station.


Camping getaways :  Timeout Hong Kong – Best camping sites in Hong Kong   


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