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Frosé: Wine Slushy for the Summer BBQ!

What are slushies.... they are actually half frozen non-alcoholic drinks that normally excite children. However, this summer we have some variations for adults, the Frosé, a word combination from frozen and rosé wine.  The drinks are so easy to make and taste like a refreshing light dessert with a twistJ  So now is the time to add these new summer drinks to your Lotus BBQ Grill party.

PRE – BBQ Bellini-Slushy

We all know what the classic Bellini is – champagne with peach puree.  Well, the Bellini-Slushy is the unconventional Bellini.

For 2 glasses

4-5 ripe peaches

400ml Prosecco or champagne

Raspberry syrup (optional)

So, here goes:

Peel the peaches, puree and then put in the freezer for a minimum of 3 hours until frozen. Approximately, 10 minutes before serving, remove from the freezer and allow to defrost and stir gently.  Divide the mixture between 2 glasses and then fill with ice cold prosecco or champagne.  For a good effect, drizzle with Raspberry syrup and add a swig of mint.  Now it is time to enjoy your Bellini-Slushy.     


This the perfect drink for a grills BBQ and yes woman can also work a BBQ using the Lotus Grill BBQ.  The Rosé Frosé is not only good to look at but also lovely and sweet.

So, here goes:

For 4-6 glasses

1 bottle Rosé

2 teaspoons Rose Syrup

4-6 small bottles Rose Lemonade, a good Tonic water or sparkling water

So, here goes:

Decanter the rosé wine into something that can go into the freezer.  Freeze the rosé wine for around 4-5 hours.  10 minutes before serving remove the frozen rosé and allow to defrost for maximum 10 minutes.  Divide the semi-frozen wine into 4 glasses and fill each glass with a shot rose syrup, rose lemonade or tonic water.

TIP:  If you have an ice cube holder, you can make ice cubes out of the rosé wine, however, they should also be defrosted for 10 minutes before serving.  

  For your Summer BBQ event:  Popsicle Slushy

These bright drinks are known as the good mood drinks.  With the many options you can have a constant supply in your freezer waiting for a BBQ event or just because…J

For 6 glasses

Fruit juice of your choice, for example, orange, grapefruit, apple etc.

1 bottle Prosecco or champagne

So, here goes:

The night before fill 6 or more ice popsicle holders with the fruit juice and freezer overnight.  Pour prosecco or champagne into glasses and then place a frozen popsicle upside down (with the stalk sticking out of the glass) into the glass of champagne of prosecco. 

TIPP:  You can make different variety of popsicles so your guests have a choice.

These are 3 fun adult slushy drinks for your next smokeless Lotus BBQ Grill party


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