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Fire etiquette: 8 tips for your fire in harmony with nature

Fire has always been an integral part of human nature. Vital in the past to keep us warm, cook food or keep animals away, it still inspires a deep sense of security and warmth in us today.

But how can we make sure that we light our fire in harmony with nature and do not damage the environment? We have put together 8 simple tips for a safe fire after a barbeque.

1 - Be aware of the risk of forest fires in your area.

Drought conditions, especially in the summer months, can put you at risk of starting a fire unintentionally. The first golden rule is to find out about the risk of forest fires in your area. Also check for wind conditions: If the wind is too strong, it is sensible to refrain from starting a fire, as you would not be able to keep the flying sparks sufficiently under control.

2 - Look around

Choose your fireplace carefully. Keep 3 metres away from bushes or other materials that could easily catch fire and also look up: You should keep sufficient distance from hanging branches or similar, because the heat of the fire rises upwards and can cause fires even in places where you would not have suspected it at first glance.


3 - Use a fire basket or fire bowl

To further reduce the risk of fire, Environmental Health and Safety recommends fireproof fire baskets or fire bowls for open fires. This protects the ground, prevents the fire from spreading uncontrollably to the sides and makes extinguishing easier and safer.

4 - Pay attention to where your wood comes from

Not all wood is the same and determines the quality and environmental impact of your fire. Only use untreated, dry and well-seasoned wood. Wood treated with wood preservatives or varnish releases harmful toxins when burned.

Did you know that the term sustainability originally comes from forestry? Wood is an important renewable resource and sustainable use of it means that only as much wood should be harvested as can grow back.

Höfats’ tip: Höfats premium firewood is extracted from German tree stands and, thanks to technical drying, achieves a guaranteed water content of less than 20 percent. For you, this means smoke-free fire enjoyment with a clear conscience and pleasant barbecue evenings by the open fire.

5 - Light the fire with wisdom

More is not always better! This also applies to lighting the fire. Plant-based and neutral kindling made of wood shavings and wax can now be bought widely. They burn without odour or residue and, unlike methylated spirits and other chemical barbecue lighters, are safe. The latter can form an explosive gas-air mixture that is harmful to people and nature.

Use the natural lighter and place it in the middle of a nest of small pieces of wood. As soon as these have caught fire, you can add larger pieces gradually until you can finally add the strong logs.

6 - Don't let the fire out of your sight

Fire captivates us - and that's a good thing, because the flames must never be left unattended. This means that any glowing logs that fall down or out can be dealt with immediately, and you can also react promptly if the wind picks up or the smoke is too strong. Also keep the fire at a size that is reasonable under the circumstances and only ever add as much wood as is really needed.

7 - Extinguish the fire safely and completely

When the last log has burnt, the seemingly harmless ash remains, but the slightest spark can ignite surrounding dry grasses. Therefore, make sure that any embers are completely extinguished before you leave the fireplace. To do this, use water or a mixture of sand and earth, which suppresses the oxygen supply and thus takes the air out of the fire.

When you think the fire is completely out, check again with a stick that the layers underneath have cooled down too and that there are no hot embers left. Also look around the fire to make sure that no embers are left behind.

Höfats tip: With the CUBE fire basket you can go to sleep without worrying. Thanks to its sophisticated design, CUBE extinguishes the remains of the fire in no time, reduces flying sparks and safely stores the ashes. The outer fire basket is simply turned upside down while the inner fire bowl always remains perpendicular due to gravity.

8 - Dispose of the ashes

Now that you have enjoyed your fire with so much care, let's end it just as responsibly by disposing of the completely cooled ashes in the residual waste. You can also use the ashes as fertiliser in your garden. However, check beforehand whether it is compatible with your plants.

Take another good look around and pick up any fallen fire debris. Does the place look as you have found it? Then you have done everything right.

This interesting article was courtesy of Hoefats.  Please refer to our website for more information on Hoefats interesting products.



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