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Diet, dry January and The original Lotus BBQ Grill!

How to keep your diet using the Lotus BBQ Grill 

You are on that long awaited Diet – the new year has begun, you are battling through a dry January and you decide to start that diet that you have been talking about for months.  And what happens, you are invited to a BBQ – Oh! No! a BBQ…. this can´t be happening – not drinking and trying to watch what I eat.

The not drinking is the easy part, as there are so many non-alcohol drinks around…such as non-alcohol beer, sparkling wine and even gin…so you have this covered BUT what about the BBQ??

This is where the Lotus BBQ Grill and the Cast Iron Grill Grid come into the picture and lucky for you, your friend has a smokeless Lotus BBQ Grill, as well as the Cast Iron Grill Grid.  You are obviously asking yourself, how does this help me with my diet??

Firstly, let me explain the workings of the original Lotus BBQ Grill, which comes in 4 sizes, small, regular, XL and XXL.

Simple idea, big effect!

  • Battery-powered stick built-in fan, which supplies the charcoal with air
  • The barbecue is ready to grill after 3-4 minutes
  • The ON/OFF switch works as an infinitely adjustable heat control
  • With its double-layered construction the outer bowl does not get hot and can be touched anytime
  • The barbecue can be moved around anytime during its use
  • Grease dripping from your food cannot drip on the charcoal and burn
  • The barbecue can be completely dismantled and it is easy to clean
  • The LotusGrill® is the safest and fastest of its kind

Secondly, the Cast Iron Grill Grid aka the Healthy, eating grid!

The Cast Iron Grill Grid grills in an especially gentle, healthy way and gives off less smoke.  The grid has an outer rim which allows the fat from your meat to run into the outer rim and this fat then runs in a suitable container which is placed beneath the drip channel to catch liquids.  This keeps your meat fat free, your BBQ is not smoky as the fat doesn´t drip into your charcoal and your meat doesn´t get burnt. What will surprise you is the amount of fat certain meats have (without your realising it).   The grid distributes the heat evenly and its high-quality no-stick coating makes the cast iron grill grid easy to clean.  It also leaves a great pattern on barbecued food – so you still have that barbecued feeling.   

Add a few healthy salads and you have no worries going to a BBQ while you are doing a dry January and dieting…you can also have fun and enjoy with the original Lotus BBQ Grill.

Add a Lotus Grill glass lid to the whole picture and you then have your own built in oven and let´s not forget the thermometer to regulate your outdoor "oven" - know isn´t that something to think about:) 

Take a look at our website www.coba-grills for more information or at the easy to explain You-tube video



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