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Charcoal is not only Charcoal! It can make or break a BBQ!

You have been waiting all week for Sunday morning as you have planned a Junk day BBQ with friends and your latest new toy the LotusGrill.  You wake up to a typically beautiful sunny autumn day in Hong Kong and you are feeling very pleased with yourself for organizing a great day with good friends, good food and so on.

Your other half asks you if everything has been organized and as you are very confident that it has, you don’t give a second thought to charcoal – yes charcoal that uninteresting but very important part of your Junk BBQ!  What now…you have forgotten the charcoal and you are aware that the only charcoal for your LotusGrill is the smokeless LotusGrill Charcoal – a smokeless charcoal  - you have been telling all your friends about the easy, fun and convenient LotusGrill with it’s smokeless charcoal and now you are not going to be able to BBQ or you are going to have to use ‘poorer’ quality charcoal that will cause your LotusGrill to smoke!  

Benefits of using Smokeless Charcoal

The LotusGrill  Beech charcoal has an extremely high carbon content and calorific value.  This results in an especially short ignition time.  LotusGrill Beech charcoal burns longer and glows hotter than ordinary charcoal. LotusGrill Beech Charcoal is a 100% natural product.  And it really is smokeless.

Ok, so as you can see I am a big fan of the LotusGrill Charcoal – but what am I going to do?  It is Sunday and where do I buy Charcoal??  I always buy it online from the shop but that isn’t going to work today☹  I also had no idea where to by any sort of charcoal in Hong Kong.  Fortunately, a friend of my mine had a bag of regular charcoal but I am afraid to say it didn’t give me the smokeless BBQ experience that I was expecting if I had used the LotusGrill smokeless charcoal.

The next time you decided to use your LotusGrill or BBQ please remember your LotusGrill Charcoal


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