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Charcoal HK – For the love of the Environment

Smokeless Charcoal  - Charcoal HK

1kg pack – 6x use for the regular LotusGrill

Significance of LotusGrill Beech-BBQ-Charcoal

LotusGrill Beech-BBQ-Charcoal has an extremely high carbon content and calorific value.  This results in an especially short ignition time.  LotusGrill Beech-BBQ-Charcoal burns longer and glows hotter than ordinary charcoal.  LotusGrill Beech-BBQ-Charcoal is a 100% natural product made without any external energy in Europe’s most modern manufacturing facility.  The quality of beech-BBQ-Charcoal has been adapted to the size of the grill in use.  The pieces of the LotusGrill Beech-BBQ-Charcoal have been cut small so that they can fit easily into the mesh container.  It produces very little smoke due to the cleanliness of the charcoal.  There is very little ash left after use, which means you won’t have to throw away a heap load of ash. As this is a very clean charcoal you should not use spiritus, petrol or other equivalent liquid to ignite or reactivate the fire – you want to keep it as clean as possible.

LotusGrill Beech-BBQ-Charcoal has:

*Faster ignition

*Hotter Glow

*CO2 Neutral

*It is a natural product

Spicy Curry Pea Salad

You have your Smokeless Charcoal Hk, LotusGrill BBQ, meat  ( and you are slowly getting bored with the standard potato salad or green salad that is offered at a BBQ. It is now time to add some ‘spice’ to your BBQ salads.  Enter the Spicy Curry Pea Salad, a German family recipe.

You will need (6 persons):


2 x 400gr tinned peas

5 or 6 tablespoons low fat mayonnaise or miracle whip.  The amount of mayonnaise depends on the number of tins of peas used

Mild curry powder to taste.  A good curry taste is required.  Use a mild curry as a hot curry will make it very spicy.

Salt and pepper

Coriander to decorate  


Preheat the tinned peas (do not boil). Drain the water and allow to cool. Then mix all the ingredients together and you will have a delicious salad.

Once it is made, it is easy to store and transport and what’s more you will have guests coming back for more…..


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