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Boerewors on the barbecue

Barbecue (Braai), rugby and boerewors

Robust and flavourful South African Boerewors is the sausage of sausage and it is a must this weekend with the Rugby World Cup final about to happen AND if you don’t know South Africa is in the rugby final…. the South African boerewors vs the English sausage!   Time to get your barbecue’s working.

As you can gather, I am a fan of rugby, a good barbecue and boerewors.  Yes, I am sure you are thinking…what is boerewors and how do I pronounce it?  Let’s start with the pronunciation BOO-ruh-VORS.  Now that you have the pronunciation, let me give you a bit of the history behind the most loved of ‘wors’.    Boerewors is a fresh sausage that is perfect for the barbecue or braai (as it is know in South Africa).  The name means ‘farmers sausage’.

What makes it different?   Every boerewors maker has their own special recipe, however, it is made up of a least 90% meat, with the remaining 10% being spices, seasonings, and preservatives, such as vinegar, salt and pepper.  The boerewors must contain beef, some pork or lamb.  No more than 10% of the meat content may be made up of fat.  The seasoning has the strong flavor of coriander, black pepper, nutmeg, allspice, along with a dark vinegar.  The salt and vinegar act to preserve the sausage as well as adding flavor.  The spices (especially the coriander) and vinegar creates a unique flavor that is very South African.

Boerewors is course-ground, giving it a more chunky and coarse texture rather than the smooth taste of an English sausage.  It is a must for the South African braai or barbecue.  Boerewors is the perfect barbecue food because it is barbecued in their large spiral form.

Once cooked on the barbecue they can either be served in a boerie roll with mustard or ketchup or served with potato salad or the traditional boerewors accomplishment…pap!  A course-ground corn flour.

What you will need:

*Your lotus grill barbeque and lotus grill smokeless charcoal
*Fresh boerewors. or
*Necessary accomplishments

Once it is ready make sure make sure you have something ice cold to drink, a good spot in front of the TV and you are now ready to tuck into your boerewors and watch the best team win the 2019 Rugby World cup!


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