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A beer chicken and the Lotus Grill go hand-in-hand.  It is an easy recipe with little preparation and once it is on the Lotus Grill, it cooks itself!  All you need is a chicken, a beer can, the Lotus Gill and the Lotus Grill Hood.

Ingredients :  
1 chicken
1 can of beer
1 lemon and fresh rosemary
Olive Oil
Pouring honey
Kalahari Salt and Malabar Pepper
Herbs and spices to rub:

*Get a mixing bowl and pour a small amount of olive oil to prepare the rub
*Add 1 table spoon of honey to the oil and mix.  The add salt, pepper herbs and spices. Mix well Prepare for stuffing :
*Take a few stems of fresh Rosemary and break it up.  Cut the lemon into quarters.  Pierce the sides of the lemon with a fork to help with the release of lemon flavour into the chicken. Stuff the lemon and rosemary into the chicken.
*Once the rosemary and lemon have been added, the beer can is next.  You will need to place the open can of beer inside the chicken and place it standing upright. You will lose about 2-4cm of beer during the process so the weight of the beer will hold the chicken up.
*Next is to apply the rub over the chicken and make sure it is evenly and generously covered over the chicken.
Let the chicken rest while you prepare the Lotus Grill :
*Use Lotus Grill smokeless charcoal
*Your Lotus Grill and the Lotus Grill Hood
*Switch your Lotus grill on and once it is ready place the chicken on the middle of the Lotus Grill Grid. Cover the chicken with the Lotus Grill Hood, leaving the vents open.  It should take about 90 minutes to cook for a medium size chicken. If the temperature on the top of the Lotus Grill Hood starts to drop, it is now time to add fresh coals.
*Once the chicken is cooked, remove the beer can and carve.  Serve with a fresh salad


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