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BBQ Hong Kong

Feeling like a good steak…then look no further!  BBQ Hong Kong

Hong Kong has a wide range of culinary delights, in fact, there is such a wide choice that you are never short of somewhere to indulge.  Today I would like to suggest a few of my favourites for the go-to steak and to be honest I am never disappointed.

Maze Grill – this stunning glasshouse extension at the Ocean terminal is the host for Gordan Ramsey’s Maze Grill.  You can sit at your table with stunning views over Victoria Harbor and the Lamma channel.  It’s gastro pub design with circular booths that split the dining area from the bar, allows for comfortable sitting.  At the Maze Grill there is a choice of starters, salads, barbecued meat and fish.  There is also the “salt block” – a daily selection of dry-aged prime beef cuts, as well as, their signature dish – the Beef Wellington.  In addition to this is one of my absolute favourites, the Ploughman, which comes with a home-made pork pie, that is sliced at your table.   For a splurge book a table at Maze Grill Hong Kong.

Craftsteak - this comfortable restaurant in Elgin Street, Soho, has an open fire to barbecue your choice of meat to perfection.  We were there with a friend who is very ‘particular’ when it comes to his steak.  It becomes a bit of a drama as he only likes his steak ‘black and blue’.  He advised the chef of his requirements and I am very pleased to say (the chef was also nervous) that it was perfect!  So, I can confidently say that Craftsteak provides a memorable dining experience.  They have the classics; fresh cuts of steaks, poultry, seafood, vegetables and sauces.  On a Wednesday they have a barbeque steak buffet, which includes starter and a choice of many cuts of meats at a reasonable price.  At Craftsteak you get the real barbeque experience.

Meats – My first experience at Meats, was sitting on their small outside area, watching the world go by and enjoying a drink.  We were then asked if we wanted a happy hour snack, which was a choice of delicious French fries or a gourmet hot dog – good choices to soak up the alcohol!  This enjoyable happy hour is situated in Staunton Street, Soho.  After going there a few times for happy hour, we decided to eat in their restaurant as the barbecue smells where too good to resist.  The menu is a no-fuss menu, which offers sharing-style dishes.  They have various types of fresh meat, delicious lamb shoulder and home-made sausage.  They have a glassed covered kitchen, so if sit around it (bar style) you can then take a look at your steak getting barbecued on the grill.  They also have a Sunday brunch, which I have heard on the odd occasion turns into a good party.     

Feather and Bone -I just love going to Feather and Bone.  The atmosphere (in a shop with lovely goodies to buy), the quality of food and wine and not forgetting the service make it an enjoyable experience.  They have (if I remember correctly) 4 restaurant locations on Hong Kong Island, and I have heard are opening a 5th on Kowloon side.  There menu caters of for all pallets, however, their meat is the way to go.  You have the choice of going to their butcher counter and choosing a cut of meat that your heart desires.  It will then be given to the chef who will barbecue your meat to your perfection. You can now sit back and enjoy your wine and wait for your barbequed meat to be served.  All this comes with a side dish and choice of sauce.    When you are finished eating you can then take a wonder around their shop and purchase a few interesting products that you would have experience with your meal, such as, the Kalahari Salt, Malabar Pepper and their Dijon Mustard – all delicious and definitely worth a visit.


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