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Potatoes and the LotusGrill

On Friday we were invited to our friend in Discovery Bay and he decided that it was time for a Lotus BBQ Grill evening.  So we sat on his balcony overlooking one of the bays of Discovery Bay enjoying a glass of ice cold wine. His apartment is on the 20 floor but as he has the smokeless LotusGrill and the smokeless LotusGrill charcoal, we were able to enjoy a barbeque on his balcony, without offending the neighbours - that is why a LotusGrill is just perfect for a balcony in Hong Kong.

Last week I saw how to do baked potatoes using the LotusGrill, so we decided we were going to try this method.  It actually was very easy to do.  I would say that 6 medium size potatoes would fit easily around the stainless steel bowl.  Clean your potatoes, and par-boil them for about 20-30 minutes (they must still be hardish).  Cool them and wrap them in aluminium foil.  Start your LotusGrill and place the par-boiled potatoes around the charcoal container. Place your grid on the LotusGrill and start barbequing.

You would need approximately 30 minutes for the potatoes, so time your meat accordingly. After around 30 minutes you will have perfectly baked potatoes - crisp on the outside, soft in the middle, very hot and not burnt.  Serve with sour cream and whatever meat or veggies you have barbeque.

They were simply delicious! and I will definitely do this again as there is very little work involved.                 


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