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Avoid Environmental Waste by using the Martin Weber Grill Pan

German quality, German standards

It is the Martin Weber grill/BBQ pan made in Germany that has never been seen before. The BBQ pan is suitable for wood, coal and gas BBQs, works exceptionally well with the Lotus BBQ Grill. Millions of aluminum grill trays and aluminum foil are used every barbecue weekend and then thrown away or left at a picnic site for someone to clear – waste, waste and more waste!

With the Lotus BBQ Grill Pan you can help to avoid this environmental waste.

The background to this idea was the idea of Mr Weber, a crazy griller with a passion, who worked with conventional bbq´s in winter and summer and was annoyed every time that his lovingly prepared food stuck to the bbq grid surfaces.

Since there are also different quality differences for bbq grids, he tried many varieties, each time with the same result: the food stuck to every bbq grid surface! He then decided to developed our new bbq grill pan, which won three awards in 2014; 1st place (gold) at the BBQ Award 2014 Fire & Food and at the inventors' fair in Nuremberg (IENA 2014) a gold medal and on top of that, the price of the AFAG Messen und Expositions GmbH.

The Martin Weber grill pan is made of the best German quality. So you get the best choice and you won't be disappointed. Their invention is a hand-cast aluminum pan with grill slots, which enables optimal heat distribution. The food to be cooked, e.g. meat, vegetables, fish and more keeps the same temperature everywhere, it remains juicy and retains its taste. The fireproof seal prevents anything from sticking, so cleaning the pan is child's play. With the glass lid, it becomes the most compact BBQ in the world.

For a unique BBQ experience, use a Martin Weber grill pan with your Lotus BBQ Grill.


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