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9 reasons why you should buy the LOTUS BBQ GRILL and where you can buy a LOTUS BBQ GRILL

I have checked the weather forecast for the weekend and it is BBQ weather! Don´t let the coronavirus stop you from having a BBQ - the LOTUS BBQ GRILL will change that!  With a LOTUS BBQ GRILL, you can easily BBQ on your balcony/roof terrace or transport it (easily) to a secluded area, and enjoy your day with family and friends and the LOTUS BBQ GRILL.

The reasons to buy a LOTUS BBQ GRILL:

*It is easy to carry, as it comes with a carry bag and only weighs 4 kg

*It is safe, as the charcoal is safely contained in a specially designed container

*The charcoal almost burns away to nothing, so there are no worries about what to do with your charcoal once you have finished BBQing and it keeps it safely stored 

*The outer bowl doesn´t get very hot, so it is easy to touch and no worries of someone getting burnt

*The outer bowl and grid are made of stainless steel, so it is rust proof.  It is also very easy to clean

*It is very easy to ignite and only takes 3 minutes to start cooking – so no long waiting periods like a normal BBQ to get it burning

*It is smokeless – so it has much less smoke than a normal BBQ and this enables you to use it on your balcony

*The smokeless LOTUS GRILL charcoal is of very high quality and creates a smokeless effect. It is recommended to only use this high-quality charcoal to get the smokeless effect.

*It takes the stress away from BBQing – it is for all to enjoy, young and old

Now that I have got you interested in a LOTUS GRILL BBQ, you are asking yourself where can I buy one of these fun, innovative BBQ´s.  Listed below find our online shops and outlets :

Patio Mart – 1601 Horizon Plaza, Ap Lei Chau

Lift Lifestyle – 12P Smithfield Kennedy Town

Feather and Bone - Shop 1-4, 1/F Retail Block, Mount Pavilia, 663 Clear Water Bay Rd, Clear Water Bay


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