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7 BBQ Tips and Tricks from the Lotus BBQ Grill

Autumn´s in the air, and this means, in Hong Kong, Barbeque season has begun. As we all know Autumn and Winter are Hong Kong´s barbeque season.Get out your BBQ and tongs and hone in on your skills with these BBQ tips from the experts.

  1. Don't use a gas grill

There are a lot of different ways to barbecue—direct heat, indirect heat, with charcoal, with wood chips, with split logs—but one thing that most experts agree on is that a gas grill isn’t the way to go. The smoke is an ingredient in itself.  When using a gas grill you get the heat, but you’re missing out on that real barbecue flavour, that we all love.

  1. Use a high quality charcoal

Do not try to save on your charcoal.  It is very important to have a good, clean charcoal, that will reduce your smoke and be easier to burn.

Lotus Grill have a high-quality, clean,Beachwood charcoal  that has been designed for the Lotus BBQ Grill and is virtually smokeless.  This charcoal has been cut into smaller pieces to fit the Lotus BBQ Grill charcoal container, however, it can be use with any other BBQ.

  1. Don't check the temperature repeatedly.

The proper technique for barbecuing can be summed up with three words: “low and slow.” Be patient.  If you have a Lotus BBQ Grill, you are able to regulate your temperature by using the fan control on your Lotus BBQ Grill.  There is no other barbeque that has a built in fan mechanism and this unique feature enables you to control the temperature of your BBQ.

  1. Let the meat sit before eating.

After removing your meat from the grill, let it sit for a few minutes,this seals the juices and keeps the meat from drying out.   Only cut when you are ready to immediately serve and eat. Another juice-saving tip, from the Academia BarillaBarbecue: 50 Easy Recipes: don’t poke holes in your meat while it’s cooking. Instead, “to turn meat, do not use forks, but barbecue tongs or spatulas.” Coba Grills has a wide range of coloured tongs to match your Lotus BBQ Grill.

6. Soak wooden skewers in water to avoid burning.

If kebabs are on your barbecue menu, make sure to soak them in cold water for at least 30 minutes before use to keep them from burning. Another useful tip if you have metal skewers, wipe them with a paper towel with a little vegetable oil and this will stop the food from sticking.

7. Proper air circulation is key.

Meat shouldn’t touch anything—other than the surface it’s sitting on, while it’s cooking at least.  Your meat needs to have space around it for airflow.


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