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6 Reasons why you need a Lotus BBQ Grill in your LIFE

Is summer even summer without a BBQ? The grill is often a focal point for summer get-togethers for many different reasons. In this article, we explore six of those reasons to show you why you need a Lotus Grill BBQ in your life! Interested? Then let’s get cooking!

Healthier Eating

BBQing your meal is a great way to increase the health value of your meal. Grilling meat helps it retain more nutrients compared to baking or frying. Plus, you also consume less fat because all of the excess drips down through the grid! Even veggies benefit more from grilling than from boiling or frying because it helps to preserve key nutrients. So, break out those BBQ recipes this summer to enjoy a healthier meal!

Endless Meal Options

Sure, meats, fish and veggies are amazing when they’re grilled. But did you know that you can also make a pizza, have teppanyaki, a fondue and you can even make pankcakes using your Lotus BBQ Grill?Yes,it’s true! For your next roof top or beach party, impress your guests by showing them what you can do with your smokeless Lotus BBQ Grill.

Save Money

Those who own a BBQ tend to spend less money going out to eat because of the endless meal options that you can make on the grill. Becoming a grill master means that you can say goodbye to expensive steakhouse prices by BBQing up your favourite cut of steak at home.   Take a look at for all your meat, fish, chicken and veggie options.  They will be delivered to your door – fresh and quick.

Plus, if you BBQ regularly, it could lower your electricity bill! Cooking in the kitchen heats up your house and can force your air conditioner into overdrive and as we know we all use our air cons. in summer in Hong Kong.  


All normal BBQ´s create lots of smoke and in Hong Kong it makes BBQing difficult but not if you are using a smokeless Lotus BBQ Grill the one and only smokeless BBQ in Hong Kong.  It is not smoke-free but it is smokeless and this enables you to use it anywhere – even in your kitchen. You won´t have the worry of angry neighbours.

 Usable Year-Round

Any true grill master knows that there is no such thing as “BBQ season” because you can get your grill on all year long! Rain or shine, snow or ice, you can still enjoy a BBQed meal at any time of year.  The Lotus BBQ grill is easy to transport and compact in size – added to the fact that it is smokeless means you can BBQ at any time of the year on your balcony or roof terrace. 

Lotus BBQ Grill for Sale in Hong Kong

If you’re in the market for a new BBQ visit our online shop or visit one of our suppliers who stock the Lotus BBQ Grill.  All information in our shop.  


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