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3 new innovative ideas using your Teppanyaki Plate or Pizza Stone and the Lotus BBQ Grill

Let´s BBQ tonight but let´s do something different – ideas! ideas! ideas!  Well here are 3 new, innovative ideas using your Lotus BBQ Grill and a Teppanyaki Plate or Pizza stone (both compatible with your Lotus BBQ Grill)

For all 3 ideas you will want to use the smooth side of your Teppanyaki Plate.

Cos lettuce


Cos lettuce done on the BBQ creates an amazing char and flavour. Pairing it with a dressing for a delicious and unexpected side dish. It adds a smokiness to a dish and the leaves sweeten slightly.

Tips for cooking Cos lettuce on the BBQ.

  1. You only want to cook one side and cook it very hot.
  2. Half the lettuce by cutting it down the middle keeping the core in, this keeps it all together.
  3. Brush the flat side with some olive oil and season with some Silver Crystal Kalahari salt.
  4. Get the grill as hot as you can then place it flat side down for 15-20 seconds or until a dark golden colour is achieved
  5. Carefully lift and let it cool for 5 minutes.
  6. Cut the core out with in a V-shape then top with your favourite dressing.

 A favourite with this salad is a Caesar salad dressing with grilled croutons.

Grilled seaweed

Grilled seaweed on the BBQ, it’s delicious on its own or made up as a salad.

As you are able to control the temperature of your Lotus BBQ Grill, turn the air intake knob so that there is a low heat.  When it is not too hot, toss the seaweed on the hot plate for around 30 seconds (you might need to oil the plate (slightly) beforehand so that the seaweed doesn´t stick).  Remove and either mix through a salad or serve on its own with a sprinkling of soya sauce.

TIP:  Add garlic and chilli to seaweed for a different twist.   


Now for the fun idea for the kids –Pancakes on the Lotus BBQ Grill

My go-to is pancakes on the BBQ, fun and easy to do.  I always use Jamie Oliver’s recipe

Once the batter is ready, turn on your Lotus BBQ Grill and place the Teppanyaki plate or Pizza Stone on the grill grid.  Once the plate is hot – I would suggest a medium heat, spray with cooking spray or rub with butter and pour small circles of the pancake batter on to the smooth plates.  When the upside has bubbles then gently turn it over for it to cook on the other side.  This should take 3-4 minutes in total for a pancake to be ready.

Serve hot with jam, honey, fruit, cream or ice cream   - Not only will the kids enjoy this one!

Watch my blog next week for a photo of pancakes on the Lotus Grill BBQ

If you don´t have a Teppanyaki plate of Pizza stone please take a look at our shop for more information


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