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Grill it like a professional using the Steak Champ Thermometer – Perfect steak everytime!

Excitement – it is time to barbecue.  You have spent some good money on the perfect pieces of steak and now the challenge starts – how to BBQ the perfect steak, whether rare, medium or well-done – everyone has their own opinion of what is the perfect steak!  I know what mine is but it might not be what yours is, so this is already a challenge for the BBQ chef who want to create the perfect steak for all.

Let me introduce you to the Steak Champ Thermometer.Plain and simple – success guaranteed for the perfect steak

Whether grill, pan or oven/broiler. Cooking the perfect steak has never been easier: medium rare, medium or medium well – the new SteakChamp 3-color (green, yellow and red) now combines the three main degrees of doneness in one unique electronic LED probe.

Simply activate the SteakChamp

and insert it sideways into the steak

until only the display wing protrudes from the meat.


When your chosen colour stops blinking then your steak is ready to eat. 

*Green – medium rare

*Yellow – medium

*Red – medium well   

The pre-programmed core area temperatures of the SteakChamp can be used for beef, game or salmon steaks, for breast of duck or whole (large) fish.

3D colour LED flashing light indicates 3 main degrees of doneness; medium rare, medium and medium well