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How about crispy, spicy, chicken feet using your Lotus Grill?

This weekend is rugby, sunny skies and the Lotus grill BBQ!

Today I thought I would blog something for all our Asian customers, barbequed chicken feet aka Dak-Bal in Korean and Adidas in the Philippines.  What you will need :

Equipment :

  • Your Lotus Grill
  • A Lotus Grill Teppanyaki plate – look under Coba-grills accessories for this 2 sided wonder
  • Lotus grill smokeless charcoal
  • Gel and also remember to check the batteries for the fan.  You don’t want to run out of batteries just as you decide to switch on your fan.
  • Wooden skewer sticks (a little tip, place them in water and let them soak until you need to use them.  This will stop  the wood skewers from burning when you are cooking them)   

Ingredients :

1 kg chicken feet or enough to feed your guests
For the basting sauce :
Mirin (or similar)
Tenmenjan (or similar)
Soy sauce
Malabar black pepper
Kalahari salt
Laurel leaf
Chili powder or cayeman pepper

 Put all in a pot and slowly cook until all is melted and it a paste. Sorry I can’t give you the exact amounts to use but you will feel how much to add.  If you don’t want to make your own sauce you can use buy BBQ sauce, chili sauce or just use Kalahari Salt and Malabar Pepper .

Instructions :

    Cut off the nails
    Add salt to the chicken feet mix well
    Add vodka or milk and let soak for 60 minutes
    After 60 minutes thoroughly rinse to get the salt off the chicken feet
    Coat your chicken feet in your choice of marinate and then attach them to the skewers.  Depending on the size of the feet and skewers, one or two to a skewer.

Now you are ready to ignite your Lotus Grill.  After waiting 3 or 4 minutes put the Lotus Grill Teppanyaki plate on the Lotus Grill Grid.  Use ridged side of the Teppanyaki Plate.

BBQ them until crispy and cooked through.  Enjoy them with an ice cold beer.