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Portable Barbecue Review - Lotus grill vs Weber go anywhere

Lotus grill vs Weber go anywhere

In this blog I have decided that after all the fun this weekend with Halloween, rugby, junks and Sunday brunches, I should write a comparison between the Lotus Grill and the Weber Go-Anywhere.  It is a question we were asked this weekend when we were grilling on our Lotus Grill and because of this I felt I needed to answer this question.

Before I begin, I would like to say that both the Lotus Grill and the Weber Go-Anywhere are good quality products.  However, a few points to think about when you when you are faced with the decision – should I buy a Lotus Grill or should I buy a Weber Go-Anywhere?

When you start to look for a portable grill you must look and see if it is really portable, how easy it is to use, and how easy is it to carry/transport and last but not least the quality – good brand or cheap copy.

So, lets start with a few key differences between the Lotus Grill and the Weber Go-Anywhere:

Portable BBQ weight:
LotusGrill        3.7kg
Weber Go-Anywhere        6.7kg

Remember, when carrying your BBQ onto your junk, yacht, beach or up those flights of stairs to your friend’s roof terrace, those extra kilos make all the difference. The Lotus Grill is mostly made of stainless steel, and the Weber Go-Anywhere is made out of steel and is coated with porcelain enamel on the inside and outside, which could explain the extra weight.

Portable Charcoal Barbecue preparation time:
LotusGrill        3-5 minutes
Weber Go-Anywhere    15-30 minutes, plus 10 minutes preheating (according to the manual)

The LotusGrill, with its innovative design and built-in electric fan, means that the coals will be glowing within a few minutes.  The Weber Go-Anywhere is a smaller version of the normal size Weber barbecue and there is no difference to the lightening up process.

How easy are they to light?
LotusGrill        Yes – made easy with the gel an controlled fan
Weber Go-Anywhere    No – it has the same difficulties as with a larger BBQ

Can you touch the exterior while cooking?
LotusGrill        Yes
Weber Go-Anywhere    No

The outside of the LotusGrill only gets to a warm touchable temperature.  The reason for this is thanks to the double-layered design.  In addition to this, the charcoal burns inside a closed mesh container and if you move it nothing can fall out.  You can feel safe using it on your boat as if it falls over nothing will fall out and if you have children running around, they are not in danger of burning themselves.

Is there such a thing as a smokeless portable BBQ Grill?
LotusGrill        Yes
Weber Go-Anywhere     No

Most charcoal BBQ’s (portable or not) have the ability to create massive amounts of smoke (this also depends on the quality of meat used).  And as you know this makes grilling on your balcony virtually impossible, however, not with the LotusGrill.  As we all know smoke happens when the fat from the meat drips onto the coals and this can cause flames.

However, with the LotusGrill, the charcoal container is covered. The fat drips into the inner bowl and avoids the charcoal, so very little or no smoke is created.  You will still get the charcoal aroma that we all love about having a barbecue.

Ability to adjust BBQ Heat Level?
Lotus Grill        Yes – variable air flow control which regulates the heat level
Weber Go-Anywhere    Basic, vent in the lid controls airflow but you have to use the lid – what happens if you don’t want to use the lid?

The heat control is simply great on the LotusGrill.  With just a small turn of the electric fan speed dial, you can see the coals glowing and diming before your eyes. In a nutshell, if you want more heat you turn it up and if you want to reduce the heat you turn it down – no math’s is needed here!

Dishwasher safe?
LotusGrill        Yes
Weber Go-Anywhere    No

For me this is a highlight of the LotusGrill – with the exception of the charcoal container – everything can go in the dishwasher and this means you always have a clean BBQ with little work!

BBQ carry bag included?
LotusGrill        Yes
Weber Go-Anywhere    No

With the LotusGrill  a convenient carry bag is included in the price.  Not only is it easy to transport but it is also easy to store when not in use. It can easily fit into a cupboard or under a table.  Unfortunately, the Weber Go-Anywhere does not have a carry bag, however, it does have handles for you to carry.

Portable BBQ Materials:
LotusGrill        Stainless steel and powdered coated steel which makes it rust proof
Weber Go-Anywhere    Porcelain enameled bowl and lid. Chrome-plated steel cooking grill

The stainless steel and powdered coated steel make the LotusGrill rust proof. Unfortunately, I can’t report whether the Weber Go-Anywhere is rustproof or not.  This is something that you will find out if it is left outside in all weather conditions.

Do they compare?  Well to be honest we don’t think so.  The LotusGrill is lighter, safer, easier to use, easier to clean and definitely produces less smoke.   It is a great product