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Summerdrinks with Aperol and the Lotus BBQ Grill

Don´t we all love an Aperol Spritz in the summer – however, the Italian liquor, Aperol, is more than just an Aperol Spritz – here is a new and fresh summer variation to the standard Aperol Spritz.    

The red liquor comes from Italy and is made from rhubarb, bitter orange, yellow genhain, chinchona and combined with herbs.  This famous drink was discovered in the 1950´s and only became the trend drink (as we know it) in the early 2000´s –an Aperol cocktail is a must this summer - So let´s add a twist to your next Lotus BBQ Grill party.

Aperol Passion Fruit Spritz – with an extra fresh note for a happy guest

40 ml Aperol
60 ml Passion Fruit
200 ml Prosecco
1 Spritz Mineral or Soda water
Lime juice from half a lime
Ice cubes
Cranberries&a strawberry cut in half

What to do:

Pour a ´tot´of Aperol (amount can vary according to taste) in a wineglass with the ice cubes.  Add the passion fruit, lime juice, prosecco and finally adding the soda water (amount can vary according to taste).  Place the cranberries and strawberries in the glass.

Drink with a recyclable straw.

Perfect as an Aperitif!