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Presenting the Lotus Grill


LotusGrill GmbH, the specialist in innovative barbecues and accessories, emerged from the tradition-steeped company Lotus, a well-known manufacturer of household goods, kitchenware, cookware and barbecue utensils. After all, we at Lotus have never simply rested on our laurels. We’re enthusiastic, inventive developers who constantly come up with new ideas and just can’t stop improving and working on every project. And that is how the new low-smoke LotusGrill came about. The barbecue based on a simple, but “sizzling hot” idea for how to make grilling especially simple, speedy and safe. The original G340 was soon joined by further models. Today, the range is rounded off by its “little brother” the G280, the LotusGrill XL and the XXL with the specially developed wheeled trolley.

As an independent family company, we place great value not only on innovation, but also on sustainable quality. Our LotusGrill is an attractive lifestyle product which has received many accolades – and it is an international must-have. People in more than 25 countries on different continents – including Hong Kong, the USA and Australia – enjoy fish, meat and vegetables from the LotusGrill.



 LotusGrill – the most environment-friendly grill on the market ?

The LotusGrill is real genuine master in saving resources. Compared with commonly available, traditional charcoal grills the LotusGrill needs only approx. 400 gr charcoal  (Model XL) instead of 3 kgs! Projected to an year – given you grill 20 times - the cost for charcoal is only 16 Euro compared to 120 Euro. Since recently the LotusGrill Beech-BBQ-Charcoal is FSC-certified. The lumbering and processing of raw material is controlled, the wood originates from Europe. No tropical deforestation. The LotusGrill charcoal is produced in the most modern facilities of Europe. Since season 2019 all new LotusGrill units can be powered also with a power cable. This saves the batteries when at home.

All materials on LotusGrill are recyclable and all components can be found as spare parts. By proper use and care the LotusGrill escorts you for many years to come.




Simple and fast to take apart
The barbecue is simple and fast to take apart; the grill grid and the inner bowl can be cleaned in the dishwasher.


Our awards

The LotusGrill has already received several coveted, high-profile accolades, including the International Barbecue Award, the Red Dot Design Award and the Design Plus Award.




The smokeless BBQ experience – Simple Idea! Big Effect!