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Hong Kong BBQ and the GPF slotted grillpan – fits all BBQ´s

Do you have a grilling pan for your BBQ -  if yes – GREAT! If no – then read further.

You might be wondering why you should have a grill pan for your BBQ. 

The classic GPF grill pan is made from die-cast with a special non-stick coating. The handle is detachable and the pan is dishwasher proof.

When you use a GPF grill pan when barbecuing the benefits are endless:

*easy to handle – The handle is removable so can be removed while grilling and replaced when you want to remove the pan

*easy to control as you can easily remove meats from your BBQ it if is to hot

*can easily serve from the BBQ to the table - can be used as a serving plate

*prevents burning and sticking of your meat on your BBQ grid

*Keeps your BBQ grid clean

*One size fits all

TIP:  If you like to go to Shek O  and other BBQ areas, to make use of the BBQ´s provided, and have to make use of the grill grids that are provided….uncleaned bbq grill grids  Well, if you have a GPF slotted grill pan then you have no worries about where you BBQ in and around Hong Kong – your meat is always free from bacteria.