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The Lotus BBQ Grill and the Cast Iron Grill Grid

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When you use the Cast Iron Grill Grid with your Lotus BBQ Grill it becomes a healthy BBQ for several reasons:

  • Grilling with the Lotus BBQ Grill Cast Iron Grill Grid ensures a low fat, healthy and clean conscious style of barbequing, excess fat and oil runs in the outer ridge of the cast iron grill grid and into a container that you have placed next to your Lotus BBQ Grill. 
  • Normally, when barbequing the fat has nowhere to go, it just swims around your food. However, when you use a Cast Iron Grill Grid, the outer ridge of the cast iron grill grid allows the fat and oil to run out into a container that is positioned next to the Lotus BBQ Grill.  The excess fat is kept away from your food. Thanks to the grated surface, non-stick coating you also won’t need to add any extra oil as it prevents food from sticking.
  • The Cast Iron Grill Grid is easy to clean and dishwashable.
  • Even heat distribution across the entire cast cooking grate.
  • Healthy grilling as leaking fat is drawn away.
  • No grease on charcoal, minimal smoke build-up - great grill pattern.
  • Thanks to the drain of the grease, the grill is easier to clean - thanks to the high-quality non-stick coating, easy to clean.
  • Only suitable for the regular Lotus BBQ Grill